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bicicleta estática BH

If you are considering the possibility of buy a BH stationary bike, in this post we are going to try to give you all the information you need: We are going to explain what the main types of BH exercise bikes are on the market, as well as their differences and what you should look for in order to make an optimal choice for your needs and physical qualities. Also We are going to introduce you to the basic functionalities that an exercise bike must cover. The idea is that you can assess with more foundation what type of bicycle best suits your needs.


Cardio training can be a fun way to enjoy exercise while getting your body moving. An exercise bike allows you to have an effective workout from the comfort of your home.

Sportech Fitness teammate Alex Maguregi says that training on a stationary bike can be a great way to train for cardiovascular health with little physical risk.

"It doesn't put as much stress on the body as an elliptical or treadmill might," he says, "and you can work at your own pace."

Within exercise bikes, BH, being the main Spanish manufacturer, has a wide range of models in all types of exercise bikes. BH has high-quality products in the three existing exercise bike styles, which is why we will show you some of the models available for each type.

As you may know, there are three different styles of exercise bikes (BH has different models of each of those styles): upright, recumbent and spinning. Each offers multiple advantages and different training benefits to suit your goals. Determining which style is right for you should be the first step in getting the most out of your next workout.

If you give space as the maximum factor of importance, we recommend a folding exercise bike. On the other hand, if you give more importance to the economic issue, it will be better cheap exercise bike.


This style of exercise bike keeps you in a conventional riding position. Since they feature a standard bike seat, there is no back support. Designed for seated cycling only, upright exercise bikes BH They offer handlebars and front screens. These bikes are suitable for people who want a comfortable workout but they don't need a bike for a high-intensity workout.


If you think an upright stationary bike suits your goals, consider the following factors when selecting the most suitable one:

  • Look for models with clear, easy-to-use screens. Make sure your bike can track resistance, speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Plus, some models may include built-in programs to keep your workouts fresh and constantly changing.
  • Another feature to look for in an upright exercise bike is some form of heart rate monitoring. “Cardio training as a whole is aimed at improving your heart health,” says Maguregi. “Your heart rate goes up quite a bit when you do these workouts, so a lot of the models include this technology so you can keep track of your heart rate and make sure it doesn't jump to a degree that's dangerous for you."
  • A popular choice for heart rate monitoring is contact monitors. Often found on the handlebars, this technology is activated by touch. Some upright exercise bikes even offer chest strap heart monitors, which can provide a more accurate reading.

BH has a range of exercise bikes for vertical sports. Therefore, we are going to show a couple of models. The model "indoor cycle bike BH RDX 1.1" with a maximum user weight of up to 130 kg and a product weight of 47 kg. The model " is also available.indoor cycle BH SB3 exercise bike H919N". This model has capacity for a user of up to 110 kg, and the machine has a weight of 40 kg. 

recumbent bike BH

Instead of the conventional pedaling style, recumbent bikes BH they place you in a reclined position in a wider, more comfortable seat. The pedals are up front, which can help balance your body weight distribution. This makes recumbent bikes an optimal choice for people with back, joint, or pre-existing injury problems.



Recumbent bikes offer handlebars, both on the front screen, and along the sides of the seat. When choosing a recumbent bike, look for the same features as an upright:

  • A clear screen with the desired measurements,
  • Built-in training programs,
  • adjustable seats
  • Some form of heart rate monitoring.

Recumbent bike buyers, too, should consider the dimensions of the machine. Due to their recumbent position and widened stance, recumbent bikes they can take up more space at home than other bike options.

Among those available on the market, BH has two that stand out. On the one hand, the model "BH artic comfort program recumbent bike" with a maximum weight per user of 120kg and with a machine weight of only 40kg. On the other hand, the model called "recumbent bike BH I.TRF ERGO" that despite weighing 53 kg, it also has a capacity of up to 130 kg.


spinning bikes BH they have fewer features, but offer an experience closer to real outdoor cycling.

"If you think about the outdoor cycling experience, you're not going to have all these extra features, so it's mimicked with spin bikes," says Maguregi.

Designed for riders to sit down and stand up, these machines can mimic vertical climbing and other cycling maneuvers. Spin bikes are good for high-intensity interval training and exhaustive fat-burning workouts. This bike option is also often found in exercise groups or spin classes.



Consider spin bike models with adjustable seats and handlebars to maximize comfort. Some styles offer displays that track RPM, Kcal, time, distance, and speed, but without built-in training programs.

Above all, resistance is the most important feature to consider in a spinning bike. Make sure that the resistance offered be easily adjustable and include a wide range of levels. Magnetic resistance systems can be very durable and very quiet. Spin bikes can also use belt and chain drive mechanisms to increase resistance.

As for spinning bikes, BH has several options, of which we are going to highlight two. Firstly, the exercise bike called "ciclo indoor BH RDX ONE", the bike weighs 32 kg and has a user capacity of up to 100 kg. Next, we highlight the model "bicicleta ciclo indoor BH duke mag". With a maximum user weight of 150 kg and the machine weighs 43 kg. 


Depending on the time you are going to dedicate to practicing sports with said machine, you will have to select one type or another, BH segments its exercise bikes into three groups to facilitate the search. In the event that you are going to pedal less than 7 hours a week, you would be recognized as usual. If you are between 7 and 20 hours a week, you would be a heavy user. On the contrary, if you are going to pedal for more than 20 hours per week, you will make very intensive use.


There are some, so to speak, "luxury" features to make your training as comfortable as possible. The water bottle holders, smartphone holders and tablet holders that can keep your belongings within easy reach. Tablet mounts can help you view training programs while you ride. Some models may also include fan systems to cool you down when you're in the middle of intense exercise.

BH also offers models with functionalities such as games that offer you the possibility of competing against other online users (friends...) replicating routes such as stages of the Tour de France.  

The built-in speakers can also enhance audio for a better music listening experience. Finally some bikes BH they can track your workout via Bluetooth and sync the data with your smartphone. 

Likewise, accessories aside, another possible option would also be to buy a exercise bike with backrest.


When choosing, there is a factor that you must take into account to be comfortable and that is the height of the bicycle.  

Measuring your height, especially from hip to floor, will give you a good idea of which indoor bike is best for you. It's the inseam length between the saddle and the pedals that you really want to know.

Either way, most exercise bikes BH they have the ability to adjust up and down so you'll have a good chance they'll fit your height. This applies to both the saddle and the handlebars.

Generally, it is possible that people who are shorter tend to have a hard time finding a comfortable and effective position on the indoor bike.

In short, these are some aspects that will help you choose with greater criteria which is the solution that best suits your needs. From there, it only remains to put the bike BH in front of some TV and exercise watching your favorite series or competing against a friend through the bike monitor. Cheer up!


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