DECALOGUE OF SELF-LOVE: leading me towards a full life.

Author: Silvia Perez Mora (see bio)

Lately there is a lot of talk about self-esteem, self-care, self-awareness, self-knowledge... For me, there is another concept at a higher level: self love.

creación gráfica de una mujer abrazándose dentro de un corazón amarillo

We are wrong in perspective. It's not that we don't love each other. It's not about loving each other more but about loving each other well; we normalize behaviors believing that we are pursuing our self-love, being rather signs that we ignore of a need for inner work.

What is a symptom of it? The lack of confidence.
What is the opposite of trust? The fear.

Everything we do from fear is not compatible with love.
Trust. Fear. Same vibration, opposite direction. Either you trust or you fear.

The absence of confidence (in yourself, in life) translates into constantly projecting your fears on the people with whom you interact.

We learn to supply the (sensation of) insufficiency by incessantly seeking acceptance, love, security in the external. We believe that we need to please, like, please others. And we judge our worth based on their reactions, not our decisions. Replicating fear in our relationships (with myself, with others, with food, with movement, etc.) over time becomes a habit: lack of self-love becomes a way of life.

Self-love is not a goal, but a continuous work of attention, presence and awareness in which you choose yourself each time.

Gráfica de una persona cargando palabras como "no soy lo suficientemente bueno" que hacen que camine doblado por el peso

Choosing you means respecting you, honoring you, accepting you freely.
It is not loving each other at times and compensating with a "prize" for having earned it. It's about being honest and self-compassionate, and creating the necessary scenarios to prioritize yourself. And also to take responsibility for your discomfort and to make a commitment to return to you. I propose a small guide: your Decalogue of SELF-LOVE.

gráfica con 10 técnicas para mejorar el amor propio
  1. let yourself be with you
  2.  decode your needs
  3. Get away from what's left
  4. Validate your criteria
  5. take responsibility for healing
  6. Focus on admiring yourself
  7. let go of control
  8. Do what fills your soul
  9. Put your emotions in your favor
  10. fall in love with this moment

Real self-care is approached from a holistic perspective: body, mind, emotion, spirit.

The maximum expression of self-care is self-love.Awareness is the beginning of change. If we want other results, we will need to put light, recognize our shadows and see them as opportunities to re-connect. The good news: It's in your hands.

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