Guide to buying the best folding exercise bike

Aspects to consider before buying a folding exercise bike

The folding exercise bike is the closest thing to a normal bicycle, having the advantage that it can be folded and stored in small spaces. 

The main feature to keep in mind is that it is not designed for very intense training.

To make a selection of the correct folding exercise bike, we must take into account what are the functionalities that we want to cover. Beforehand, it is essential that the bicycle itself has:

  • Adjustable saddle
  • adjustable resistance
  • Monitor or control box
  • Maximum weight it supports. 

Not so basic, but interesting features: 

  • Back
  • training programs
  • Pulsometer
  • bottle holder 
  • Mobile or tablet support 
  • wheels to transport 
  • Connectivity via bluetooth 
  • Speaker 

Even having all the necessary functionalities, you cannot forget to maintain a correct posture during the practice of sports. The normal posture on a folding exercise bike should be with your torso at a 45º angle to the ground to avoid potential injuries and long-term problems. To avoid injuries, it is also important to warm up before training and cool down after finishing training, likewise, you have to stay hydrated, both in regular exercises and in intensive ones. It is advisable to drink half a liter one hour before training to have the initial salts necessary to carry out a correct training. In the event that you are aware that it is very difficult for you to take care of your posture, it may be convenient to start with a exercise bike with backrest.

Nor can you forget to do the comfortable training, with appropriate clothing and footwear. This will help you maximize your results.

Magnetic and electromagnetic resistance brake

Depending on the type of brake, we can segment the folding exercise bike market into two groups. 

On the one hand, folding exercise bikes with magnetic resistance brakes, which have magnets around the inertia wheel. These magnets move closer or further away when the resistance frame is manipulated, to make pedaling harder or easier. 

On the other hand, there are folding exercise bikes with an electromagnetic resistance brake in which the resistance force on the inertia wheel is exerted by an electromagnet, that is, a magnet that is powered by electricity. As a result, much more precise adjustments can be made. Emphasizing that it is a very silent system without wear or friction.

The electromagnetic brake system is being implemented in more and more folding stationary bicycles because they are easier to use, but it is true that they increase the price of the bicycle. Thanks to the advances of recent years, they have managed to make the magnetic brake quite close to the electromagnetic one, thanks to the incorporation of the motor. The incorporation of the motor helps the usefulness of the braking system, the resistance, the type of training and the optimization of the exercise.

Trends for 2021 in folding bikes

Technological advances and demand mean that exercise bikes are in a constant process of change and improvement, and the same thing happens with folding exercise bikes.

Hand in hand with the pandemic and the social distancing caused, in this 2021 a great trend has been noticed in the purchase of folding exercise bikes. This is because despite the start of vaccinations, the World Health Organization continues to insist on the use of masks, social distancing, constant hand washing and an exercise routine to maintain good health. physical. The benefits of practicing static bicycles go hand in hand with maintaining a good physical condition, since it strengthens the respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular systems and improves mood.

Furthermore, the reportGlobal Folding Bike Market Outlook to 2024” predicts that the global folding bike market will grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during the period 2018-2024.

Differences between folding vs non-folding bike

Both are easy to use, serve to exercise without leaving home and have positive consequences for our health. The differences begin if we want to do a HIIT or very intense training, that the folding exercise bike will not work for us. Yes, we are looking to save space and be able to store the machine in small spaces, we are looking for a folding exercise bike since it takes up little space and can be stored in small spaces. In addition, a folding bike is generally much more comfortable to transport. We show you different options of the most economical on the market in our post "folding exercise bikes".

In the post “The ultimate guide to exercise bikes BH” We mentioned that there were three types of exercise bikes, which differed depending on whether they performed the exercise vertically, recumbent, or spinning. In the case of folding stationary bicycles, there is only the vertical form, differentiating between them, they have a backrest or not.

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