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Indoor Cycling Bike MOVEMIA

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the power of one indoor bike professional use for those who train at home, with all the features of a indoor bike Full Commercial. Measure power in watts.  


Belt drive system
Does not require maintenance. Poly-V belt transmission. Using belt instead of chain allows for quieter operation and less maintenance   The best painting treatment New painting system under industrial cataphoresis process providing the best anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment on the market.   Micro adjust saddle Gel seat adjustable vertically and horizontally in infinite levels. Aluminum seatpost for easy adjustment changes.   Micro adjust handlebar Triathlon central handlebar reguen infinite levels. Aluminum rails for easy change of settings.    Brake system
With magnetic regulation of intensity and emergency lock
  Legs with supports
For adjustable stretching on the front and rear trestles, which guarantee maximum stability and help stretching.
  Aluminum materials
For the micro-adjustment of the saddle providing a more versatile and durable design.
  mixed pedals
SPD-trekking, adaptable to different types of footwear
At the front for easy transport.
  4 adjustable feet on the front and rear stands
To ensure maximum stability
  Design with biomechanical study
Guarantees smooth, natural movements, and with great muscular concentration
  Protective foils on the front and rear stand and center frame
High frequency engraving on P.V.C sheet with micro-grid engraving and super self-adhesive. They help protect the paint during stretching exercises.
  Bottom bracket with special bearings sealed ball row
They prevent the bearings from taking play.
  rubber studs
To avoid friction with the ground.
  Double bottle holder   steel chassis
Oversized covered by a reinforced structure for greater support and stability

Monitor ANT+

  • LCD screen
  • Constant Watts Program (SRV) Yes
  • Telemetric pulse (Radiofrequency)
  • Self-generated monitor that emits data with ANT+ technology and integrates with any indoor cycle room virtualization software that works with this technology: Aplifit, Spivi, Telegim...

  Self-generated monitor with the user's own pedaling. Illuminated data for optimal vision in all kinds of environments: light and dark
  • Watt measurement
  • pulse measurement
  • Exercise time
  • calories consumed
  • Distance traveled
  • ant+ connectivity
  ANT+: It emits data with ANT+ technology and integrates with any indoor cycle room virtualization software    4 different and selectable screens
  • Data at the moment
  • Data in percentage values (%)
  • Data in mean values
  • Data in maximum values
  RFID: The monitor incorporates an RFID reader chip with which users can easily identify themselves with the approach of a device that has RFID (wristband, card...)   Includes four buttons: one to go to the next screen, another to return to the previous screen, a third to stop/start and the last one to test each person's FTP offers.   5" monitor for data visualization   Monitor: LCD monitor in vertical format, with a stylized silhouette to favor an easier view of the data   Data displayed: RPM, Watts, Pulse, Time, with backlit data; self-generated light with own pedaling   On the front, the monitor includes a device that lights up in different colors, depending on the effort made by the user. The class technician will know at all times if the objectives are being met. In this color scale  
  • 0-99 Watts: Green
  • 100-199 Watts: Azuk
  • 200-299 Watts: Cyan
  • 300-399 Watts: Yellow
  • 400-499 Watts: Magenta
  • 500-+ Watts: Red
    Movemia magnetic

Indoor bike with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment that also has a self-generated monitor by pedaling the user. With triathlon handlebars, mixed pedals and the best paint treatment on the market, this complete professional indoor cycle bike guarantees an excellent pedaling sensation.  
  • Frequency of professional use
  • Maximum user weight 150 Kg
  • Flywheel (Kg) Equivalent to 18
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Transmission Poly-V Belt
  • Steering wheel cover Yes
  • Triathlon Handlebar
  • Saddle Type Prostatic
  • self-generated
  • Transmission system
  • bottle holder
  • transport wheels
  • Horizontal and vertical handlebar adjustment
  • Horizontal and vertical saddle adjustment
  • Mixed Pedals
  • Saddle to pedal distance (max) 107
  • Transport wheels Yes
  • X Largo (cm) 112
  • Y Width (cm) 62
  • Z Alto (cm) 120
  • Peso 43Kg

How does the delivery work?

 Products in stock are delivered within 1 to 5 working days. If you want to call us to consult us, you can do it during office hours at 944 046 060

Standard service or home delivery

You can choose the delivery method that best suits your needs.

with standard service, our non-bulky products, that is, accessories, weights, kettlebells, mats... are delivered to your doorstep. But fitness machines are delivered to the street.

Normally this is not an inconvenience, but if you live in a flat without an elevator and you have bought a 100-200 kg machine, we have a service called "carrying" or "second driver" with which the machine is lifted for you until home.

The price of home delivery service for fitness machines and multi-stations is €60.


Assembly Service

The products on our page are generally for home use and come prepared so that assembly is easy for you. But if you want maximum comfort, we give you the possibility of having a technician come to your home to assemble the machine.

You can hire this assembly service for any cardiovascular exercise equipment purchased at Sportech Fitness.

When the product arrives at your home, the technician will contact you to agree on the date of assembly of the machine. 

The The price of this service (except multi-stations) is €72.

The multistations because the assembly hours are greater, it has a price of 157€.

When buying your fitness machine, you can choose if you want us to deliver the machine to your doorstep, if you want our technical service to assemble it for you, or both.


Shipping rates (Peninsula and Balearic Islands)


Free shipping on purchases over €100

Delivery at home machines/multistations €60

Standard delivery + assembly of fitness machines €72

Standard delivery + mmulti-station assembly 157€

Home delivery + assembly fitness machines €132

Inbring home + multi-station assembly €217



Splitting your purchase at Sportech Fitness is very simple.

Just choose the Defer me option when paying for your purchases (from €299 to €2,500), enter your ID and telephone number and in a few seconds you will have the answer. It is not necessary to justify any type of income or submit the payroll. 

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