Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0 - Sportech fitness
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0 - Sportech fitness
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0 - Sportech fitness
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0 - Sportech fitness
Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0 - Sportech fitness

Multiestación Finnlo Multigym Autark 5.0

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The Finnlo Autark 5.0 Multistation is designed for professional strength training and is your ideal training partner. With 16 weight plates of 5 kg each, the stable weight block can be quickly and precisely adjusted to the required resistance. 

This multi-gym is extremely demanding. Each component is finished for durability and strength. For each muscle of the body there are several training variants to choose from, which are provided by different modules of the versatile multi-gym. 

Professional training at home for the highest demands:
  • Cable tower pull-up bar for V-back
  • Better sitting position thanks to the removable leg curler module
Expect exclusive body training and enjoy one of our absolute spearheads of 120 years of HAMMER experience.

    The Autark 5.0 multi-gym comes in a noble black design and excellent workmanship. It fits perfectly into any room environment and remains stable and secure in its place. The solid construction of the home gym is made of highly resistant premium steel and shines with a load capacity of 150 kg. 

    The comfortable and ergonomic seat can be variably adjusted in height. The backrest can be adjusted both in inclination and in depth. The multi-gym is suitable for all strength aspirants with a body size of up to 200 cm.

    adjustable wheels
    The height-adjustable cable slider of the cable pull tower allows you to perform your fitness training at different heights and angles. Muscles are used in various ways. Different stimuli stimulate them to grow and strengthen them at all fiber levels.
    Technical details:
    • Bench press yes
    • belly yes
    • hamstring yes
    • Leg curl Yes
    • leg extension yes
    • Adjustable leg extension Yes
    • biceps yes
    • butterfly yes
    • Black
    • Max weight To be placed on 102.5 kg
    • Maximum body weight 150kg
    • Multiple Adjustable Back Yes
    • Minimum ceiling height 230 cm
    • Can be upgraded with additional weights Yes
    • neck press yes
    • Remo yes
    • back yes
    • Side pull module Yes
    • Adjustable seat Yes
    • triceps yes
    cable tow tower 
    With the cable tow tower on the side, you have a wide range of additional exercise options. You can perform the following workouts on the cable tower, among others: biceps and triceps training, pull-ups and leg lifts on the pull-up bar, torso lateral bend, butterfly exercises, standing and seated row training.

    V-back pull-up module
    The pull-up module on the Autark pull-up tower allows your back to grow in width quickly. At first, grip the pull-up bar relatively tightly and on the comb grip to make the movement easier. 
    Fitness like in the gym
    This stylish strength machine is suitable for demanding fitness beginners as well as professional strength athletes.
    You can achieve these goals with Premium Homegym Autark 5.0
    • Health-oriented muscle training to professional and competitive sport-oriented
    • Lose weight and body definition
    • Build a muscular upper body, strong arms, wide V-back, and an attractive six-pack
    • Toned legs and thighs
    • Intensive back training up to sports-oriented muscle strengthening

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