Bicicleta estática: guía de compra con todo lo que tienes que saber

Exercise bike: buying guide with everything you need to know

Stationary bikes have been and are the most requested gym equipment by users in general, and that is why we bring you the definitive purchasing guide with everything you should take into account before buying a stationary bike so that you can get it right. your choice.

Before choosing between one exercise bike or another, we must take into account aspects such as individual training goals , fitness level , available space , budget or personal preferences . Then, once these questions have been clarified, it is when we must begin to look at the specific features and functionalities that each of them offers us.

Girl using a stationary bike

What is a stationary bike and what does it help?:

A stationary bicycle is a piece of fitness equipment with which you can simulate exercise on a traditional bicycle but without leaving the place. It is also known as a stationary bicycle or upright bicycle.

Stationary bikes provide effective, low-impact cardiovascular exercise, allowing users to perform a cycling workout with the ability to adjust the resistance . Thanks to this, we can adapt the level of difficulty of the exercise according to individual needs and abilities.

Exercising on a stationary bicycle also provides us with benefits on a physical and physiological level, such as:

  • Cardiovascular improvement: The exercise bike helps strengthen your heart and lungs , promoting blood flow and creating a positive impact on metabolism.
  • Helps burn fat and lose calories: So it is ideal for losing weight or reducing cholesterol .
  • Reduces stress: Any type of physical activity in general helps reduce stress, allowing us to have a body-mind balance .
  • Strengthens muscles: Strengthens especially the muscles of the lower body , such as quadriceps , calves and hamstrings .

The 4 benefits of the exercise bike

Exercise bike specifications:

Before buying an exercise bike, it is important to take into account the features it has. Some of the most relevant specifications to take into account are:


Stationary bikes can have the resistance adjusted manually , although there are also so - called smart models in which this adjustment is made automatically depending on the training or scenario we are using. This resistance adjustment helps us regulate the intensity of the activity at all times. The Proform 320+ exercise bike belongs to the smart range so you can connect it with your favorite training application and pedal anywhere in the world from your living room. It will also regulate the resistance automatically depending on the scenario or training you are in.

Resistance regulator for a stationary bike


The monitor of a stationary bike allows you to follow your training and have all the exercise statistics such as speed, calories burned and even heart rate to be able to control the training and schedule future sessions. Many machines allow you to choose between different monitor models so you can choose the one that best suits you, such as the Inertia H720 Upright Bike from BH Fitness .

Bodytone exercise bike monitor


The flywheel is the wheel that provides the resistance . Although once upon a time, the heavier the flywheel, the greater the resistance, today, what this component does in many models is provide natural resistance to pedaling and creates a sensation similar to that of a bicycle in motion by simulating inertia. These flywheels are between 18 and 6 kg, like Horizon's Tempo Upright B901 exercise bike with a 6.5 kg flywheel and 8 resistance levels.

Flywheel of a stationary bicycle

Break system:

Stationary bicycles can be divided into 2, those with a friction braking system and those with a magnetic braking system . The first works through two shoes that brake it when they come into contact with the flywheel. It is the cheapest option but requires more maintenance . As for the magnetic braking system, it works with two magnets that stop the flywheel, making it a quieter option, as we can see in the i.TFB exercise bike from BH Fitness .

How the magnetic braking system works


The pedals of exercise bikes usually have a non-slip layer and an adjustable strap so that the feet of all users of the machine are well supported and feel comfortable. The U50 upright bike from Matrix Fitness has a very accessible and comfortable pedal with which you will do your training without any discomfort.

Strap pedals of an exercise bike

Maximum user weight: 

Although stationary bikes are robust machines, they all have a weight limit for users , usually between 100 and 200 kilos, depending on the product range. Exceeding the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer can lead to premature problems in the operation of the equipment. The Inertia H720 and I.TFB Med stationary bikes from BH Fitness are our most robust upright bikes that allow people weighing up to 180 kg to exercise .

Maximum user weight of a stationary bike


Not all, but some exercise bikes have the option of connecting to the different fitness applications on the market such as Kinomap, Bkool or Zwift . Some brands have even developed their own app like Mybodytone by Bodytone or IFIT by Proform . The Bodytone DS25+ is an ideal option if what you want is to compete with other application users, since apart from being compatible, it is silent and will not disturb you while you are exercising.

Stationary bike console connected to a tablet thanks to connectivity

When to do a stationary bike:

This low-impact exercise is perfect for people with joint problems such as ankles or knees or for those in physical rehabilitation programs . If you have suffered an injury or are recovering, the exercise bike can be a safe, low-impact way to strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Also those people who suffer from cardiovascular problems can consider doing a stationary bike regularly as it contributes to improving the health of the heart and lungs.

Likewise, if the goal pursued is weight loss , the exercise bike along with a balanced diet can be an effective option. As it is an aerobic exercise, it will help burn calories and increase metabolism . It is true that the duration and intensity depends on each person's level, but as a general rule, if your goal is to lose weight, it is advisable to exercise for 45 minutes about 3-4 times a week, at a moderate intensity to be able to burn off. fat.

Person riding a stationary bike

The best stationary bikes for the elderly or those with mobility problems

Although, as we have already mentioned, stationary bicycles are an excellent option for our seniors because they are a low-impact activity, there are variations of this type of machine that may be more recommended for older people or people with problems, such as recumbent bicycles . 

While in static ones users sit in an upright position, in reclined ones users sit in a more reclined position , supporting their back on a comfortable backrest . This pose is especially beneficial for people with back or joint problems, as it provides greater lumbar support and helps reduce impact on the joints. 

The weight distribution is also more balanced on a recumbent exercise bike, providing greater support and comfort, and the muscle groups involved during the exercise are the same as on the exercise bike, although with greater emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings .

Currently we can highlight the Proform 325 CSX+ Recumbent Bicycle as one of the best alternatives on the market . This model has a 7kg flywheel, a magnetic brake system for silent use and 22 levels of digital resistance along with 24 predefined training programs. In addition, its padded and adjustable seat will facilitate exercise and accessibility to the machine for people with reduced mobility.

Seniors exercising on a recumbent exercise bike

Which exercise bike to buy:

At this point, you already have enough information to have an idea about which exercise bike may be best for you. Even so, we have made a selection of the three best exercise bikes according to quality-price that we explain one by one and whose characteristics we compare in a table at the end of the blog.

Proform 225 CSX exercise bike

Our first recommendation is the Proform 225 CSX Stationary Bike, a very compact bike with excellent pedaling fluidity . This bicycle stands out for its excellent price seeing all the functionalities it has.

Its effective 8kg flywheel ensures a fluid and comfortable pedaling movement. Likewise, the motorized magnetic resistance with 20 levels that are easily changed with a simple button, is reinforced with the SMR system with which you can enjoy your sessions more quietly .

Both on the LED screen that the ProForm 225 CSX has and in the applications with which it is compatible thanks to the Bluetooth system , you will be able to see all the parameters of your training and see how your performance improves. This exercise is equipped with 1 month free access to the iFit platform with which you can make the most of the immersive and interactive workouts thanks to the assistance of professional coaches during the training.

Its adjustable seat and non-slip pedals with adjustable strap will make training more comfortable for people up to 130 kg .

Proform 225 CSX exercise bike



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EVOU4 Bodytone Semi-Professional Exercise Bike

This is the most economical semi-professional exercise bike on the market with maximum quality and performance. The fact that it is a semi-professional equipment can already give us an idea of ​​the robustness and stability of the machine. Designed with the same features as the range developed for the gym and used by Olympic champions, it guarantees greater safety and less maintenance .

The EVOU4 has a 16 kg flywheel, an electromagnetic braking system and 13 predefined training programs . In addition, thanks to the heart rate readers that it incorporates on the handlebars and its console with LED screen , it is perfect for monitoring the measurement of time, speed, odo, watt, distance, steps, calories, pulse, recovery and age.

The bicycle has 4 tips to further improve stability and grip to the ground, it incorporates wheels and a handle to facilitate transportation and a support for a mobile phone or tablet so you can enjoy a more entertaining workout.

EVOU4 Bodytone Semi-Professional Exercise Bike



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U50 Matrix Upright Bike

The U50 upright bike is a high-end bike with an unmatched ergonomic design that provides easy access and greater versatility, comfort and stability . Belonging to the professional range includes the exclusive Exact Force magnetic induction brakes and Dual Form structure.

With the possibility of choosing between three consoles , the training programs available depend on them. Its 10.5 kg flywheel and 30 resistance levels available make it an ideal option for those looking for effective and professional training.

Supporting a maximum user weight of up to 160 kg , it features other comforts such as the height-adjustable Comfort Arc™ seat using an easy lift lever, adjustable multi-grip handlebars with resistance buttons and heart rate measuring grips and oversized pedals and Commercial quality with self-balancing and adjustable straps .

U50 Matrix Upright Bike


  • XR console - €2,500.00
  • XIR console - €4,100.00
  • XUR console - €4,500.00

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Comparative table between 3 models of exercise bike

Proform 225 CSX exercise bike

EVOU4 Bodytone Semi-Professional Exercise Bike

U50 Matrix Upright Bike


20 levels

13 programs

30 levels




3 options:

  • XR: LCD screen
  • XIR: HD touch screen
  • XUR: HD touch screen





Break system





With non-slip strap

With non-slip strap

With non-slip strap

Max weight user







Depending on the console

If the stationary bike option has not convinced you and you are looking for something more innovative and that offers greater performance, spinning bikes may be your best option. Indoor cycles are more aerodynamic machines with higher specifications. You can visit our website to find out about them and choose the best option.

If you still don't know which machine is most suitable for you , contact us and we will advise you personally. If you have already got an idea and want to continue researching on your own before making a decision , go to our section on stationary bicycles or recumbent bicycles to see our entire offer. Filter the products according to your needs and find the ideal bike for you!
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