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Discover true connectivity with our smart bikes with which you can fully immerse yourself in your training. Connect to any of the applications on the market and effectively track your progress.

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At Sportech Fitness we have the best brands in the sector such as BH Fitness, Bodytone, Zbike or Wahoo at the most competitive prices on the market so you can find the smartbike that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Most of our smart bikes are compatible with the main fitness applications on the market such as Bkool, Zwift, Kinomap or Onelap.

The Wahoo and Zycle brands offer high-quality smart bikes for indoor cycling. These bikes provide an immersive and effective home workout experience.

Both brands stand out for their robust construction, customizable settings and electromagnetic resistance that simulates different terrains. In addition, they offer connectivity with applications and online training platforms, allowing you to enjoy interactive sessions and virtual competitions. With accurate real-time metrics and performance monitoring options, smart bikes from Wahoo and Zycle provide a convenient and efficient way to stay fit without leaving home.

In BH Fitness Smart bikes , i.Concept 3.0 FTMS technology turns your training sessions into a game thanks to its interactivity with all the fitness apps on the market and to elevate your training to the next level.

At Bodytone, the new Active bike line incorporates Smart technology to interact with most applications, including its own: MyBodytone. You can enjoy interactive workouts that automatically modify the resistance to give you an experience or track your heart rate thanks to the frequency readers.

What makes a smartbike special and why should I get one?

A Smartbike is not just another indoor bicycle, it is an intelligent bicycle designed for the most professional training at home. The interactive experience offered by these types of indoor bike models, together with the connectivity of applications and platforms such as Bkool or Kinomap, will allow you to do online training while you compete with other cyclists virtually and participate in challenges. Pedal along a wide variety of virtual routes thanks to the virtual reality that these types of machines integrate. Smartbikes include automatic resistance adjustment systems that simulate different terrain or slopes, offering a completely realistic pedaling experience, which helps improve your technique and performance. In addition, you will be able to monitor and control your performance in real time with precise metrics that reflect power, cadence, speed or heart rate. Think no more! Add excitement and motivation to your indoor training whenever you want with the Smartbike smart bikes we have in stock at Sportech Fitness.