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Train from home like the professionals thanks to our exercise bike trainers from Wahoo and Zycle , official sponsors of professional competitions and cycling athletes such as Peter Sagan, three-time world champion and multiple stage winner of the Tour de France.

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Don't you know the brands Wahoo and Zycle?

Both Wahoo and Zycle are well-known brands that offer high-quality products in the field of cycling . Both brands offer technological innovation, quality performance and a wide range of options for cyclists of all levels, being the brands most chosen by professionals to carry out their indoor training.

Wahoo Fitness is a leading brand in the market for training devices and technology for athletes and cyclists . This brand is distinguished by its focus on innovation and the development of high-quality products. Their devices are equipped with the latest technologies.

Wahoo training rollers are renowned for their robustness and precision. They allow you to simulate different terrains and slopes, providing a realistic indoor training experience thanks to controlled resistance.

When connected to your smartphone, tablet, computer or GPS-enabled bike computer, it automatically sets and adjusts resistance based on software or the route. In addition, its smart trainers connect with most devices and applications so you have maximum control of your training and pedaling data.

Zycle is a leading brand in the cycling equipment and accessories market that stands out for its indoor cycling training rollers. Zycle uses cutting-edge technology to provide a realistic and effective training experience. Their training rollers are equipped with precise sensors that record data such as power, cadence and speed.

Furthermore, these can also simulate different terrains and slopes, allowing you to experience an authentic cycling feeling indoors. You can adjust the resistance automatically or manually to suit your training needs and goals.

In addition, it has its own interactive platform called Zycle App and they are also compatible with popular devices and applications such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Bkool.

Why buy a trainer and not a bicycle?

The advantages of buying a trainer instead of another type of indoor bike are numerous. These types of devices are more versatile and compatible with your bicycle, whether it is a road bike, mountain bike or a hybrid bicycle, allowing you to use the same bike for both indoor and outdoor training.

You can maintain the same position and adjustments that you use in your outdoor training, allowing you to adapt and maintain consistency in your indoor and outdoor training . In addition, bike trainers are more compact and take up less space . You can easily store the roller when you're not using it, so they're ideal if you have limited space in your home.

These devices offer a greater variety of training options . You can use different online training apps or interval programs to customize your training sessions according to your needs and goals. Additionally, the trainers we offer at Sportech Fitness offer virtual slope and terrain simulation, adding an extra dimension to your workouts.