Personalized advice

For us, personalized advice is not just another phrase, it is our main challenge: we want you to buy what you need, no more and no less.

From our way of understanding sport, when you buy fitness equipment you don't just buy that, you buy a lifestyle. It is something important to you and we want to treat it as it deserves: with very personalized attention and knowing your objectives, your goals, how many people are going to use the material on a regular basis, your physical condition, your budget...

To achieve this, helping you and accompanying you throughout the purchase process, we have a team of professionals from the sports world.

As you will see, we love personal and direct contact, which is why you will always find a person behind this entire digital environment.

You can call us at 944 046 060 or send us your query to (we will give you an answer in less than 24 working hours)

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