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At Sportech Fitness we have all the latest technologies including Smart devices with which you can train anywhere in the world without leaving your home and connect to all the training applications on the market.

What do the treadmills and bikes in our Smart collection consist of?

At Sportech Fitness we have smart devices from pioneering brands in this type of model. Thanks to experience and continuous improvement, these fitness machines have the best technologies on the market.

With connectivity to the main training applications on the market such as Bkool, Zwift, Kinomap or Onelep, your training will be much more enjoyable and fun. Immerse yourself in virtual reality and train through incredible scenarios and impressive routes without leaving your home. The software saves your training statistics and automatically syncs them to the cloud.

Compete against yourself or other users and push yourself to continue giving your best without losing motivation thanks to the smart range. Run on a smart run or pedal on a smart bike with the innovative intelligent technology of these machines.

For which profiles is our Smart product offering ideal?

The offer of smart products such as smart bicycles or treadmills are ideal for a wide variety of profiles. No matter the level or intensity, this type of equipment and applications are designed for both beginner and more advanced users .

People who prefer to exercise in the comfort of their home will find these products irreplaceable since their features such as personalized training programs, metrics tracking and connectivity with fitness applications will allow them to enjoy an interactive and effective workout from home.

The ability to personalize and optimize workouts according to availability allows even those who do not have much free time to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, thanks to connectivity and data storage, trainers or professionals will be able to efficiently manage client training , as well as track results in detail.