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Welcome to Sportech Fitness, an online store specialized in fitness equipment. We have different technical rubber or rubber floors to protect the floor at home, in the gym or in your CrossFit box.

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Rubber flooring is a popular choice for covering gyms and training areas, both in homes and gyms.

These floors offer a number of benefits and features that make them ideal for fitness environments, including cushioning and stability, protection or resistance.

At Sportech Fitness we work with the best brands in rubber flooring so that you can choose from a wide selection of options that are best for your needs, and protect the floor of your home or gym to avoid any unwanted event.

What are these special technical floors for gyms made of?

For the most part, technical floors are made of rubber and PVC , materials that, in addition to preventing damage to the floor, help avoid vibrations and sound from fitness machines.

- (PVC): PVC is a popular material in technical gym floors. It is used in the form of PVC tiles or rolls that are placed on the floor. This material is durable, easy to clean and offers a good level of cushioning and shock absorption.

- Rubber: Rubber is another material widely used in gym technical floors. It can be natural rubber or synthetic rubber, and comes in the form of rubber tiles or rolls. The rubber floor offers excellent cushioning, shock absorption and wear resistance. It is also non-slip and easy to clean.