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Discover the organizers and supports for plates and weights with which you can store your bodybuilding equipment in an orderly and visible way, only at Sportech Fitness.

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Many gyms around the world are completely cluttered and it is very difficult to find the weight or plate you need at all times. Therefore, to solve this problem, dumbbell racks are the best option.

At Sportech Fitness we like to have the material well organized, so we try to offer products to make this possible. Thanks to the material organizers you will be able to have greater accessibility to all the tools you need to carry out your training.

What sizes are the most popular weight organizers?

The size of these stands is standard, since their main function is to save space both at home and in the gym . It usually has dimensions so that it is accessible to the user without having to put in much effort. The most common sizes for weight organizers are:

- Organizer for small weights: these organizers hold up to 4.5 kg. They are ideal for lighter weights used in toning exercises and light resistance training.

- Organizer for medium weights: these organizers have capacity for weights up to 23 kg. They are suitable for medium-sized dumbbells used in a wide range of exercises and workouts.

- Organizer for large weights: these organizers have capacity for weights starting at 23 kg. They are ideal for heavier weights used in weight lifting exercises and strength training.