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At Sportech Fitness you will find a wide range of the best brands in Roman chairs , including BH Fitness, Proform or Bodysolid. Get a Roman chair like the one in the gym for your home and start working muscle groups that can be worked with almost no other machine.

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What are the greatest uses or types of exercises that Roman chairs allow?

Roman chairs, also known as pull-up bars , are versatile exercise equipment that allows for a wide range of movements and exercises to strengthen and tone different muscle groups.

The most common thing is that whoever buys a Roman chair does so to perform pull-ups, but with this type of equipment you can also perform exercises such as arm push-ups or triceps dips to work the muscles of the arm, shoulders or chest.

Roman chairs are also widely used by those looking to work the entire abdominal area through leg raises, knees to the chest, extended leg raises or working torso twists for the oblique abdominal muscles and core stability.

The wide variety of possible exercises and versatility of this equipment allows you to work different muscle groups and offer a wide variety of exercises to strengthen and tone the body.