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Boxing is one of the hardest and most sacrificial sports, as well as noble and beautiful. It is also perfect for cardio work.

Boxing is a very complete exercise practice, as it combines cardiovascular training, muscle strengthening and improving coordination and balance. In addition to being a combat sport, boxing has become popular as an effective form of exercise and fitness.

What are the most popular boxing accessories?

The most popular boxing accessories are bags and boxing gloves , which are the products necessary to carry out this activity.

Punching bags are used to train and improve punching technique, accuracy, speed and power. When working with the punching bag, you can practice different combinations of punches, such as jabs, hooks and uppercuts, as well as kicks and knees in some cases.

While boxing gloves are protective items designed to protect the boxer's hands and reduce the risk of injury to both the user and the opponent. They are padded with high-density foam and made of durable materials such as leather or synthetics.