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At Sportech Fitness we like to stay up to date and that is why we have the latest developments in the fitness sector , such as the Smart Run treadmills . Thanks to its connectivity, you can pair any of the training applications on the market and store all your data and results in them.

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Find the best prices on Smart run treadmills from leading brands such as BH, Bodytone or Proform. New technologies have also come to stay in the sports sector, and that is why at Sportech Fitness we are up to date to offer you the best possibilities.

Most of our smart-runs are compatible with the main fitness applications on the market such as Bkool, Zwift, Kinomap or Onelap.

Among all these smart treadmills, Proform's Smart Run treadmills stand out, which include the latest iFit® Coach Ready™ technology , with which you can enjoy virtual training sessions guided by a personal trainer to optimize your training.

In BH Fitness Smart treadmills, i.Concept 3.0 FTM S technology turns your training sessions into a game thanks to its interactivity with all the fitness apps on the market and to elevate your training to the next level.

At Bodytone , the new Active Run line incorporates Smart technology to interact with most applications, including its own: MyBodytone.

You can enjoy interactive workouts that automatically modify the incline and speed to provide a unique running experience or track your heart rate thanks to the frequency readers.

What are they and what makes Smart treadmills special?

The smart-runs have innovative intelligent technology that allows the user to interact with the product and react to the virtual reality scenarios offered by the different applications.

They are compatible with some of the most popular training apps and can offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different real-life scenarios while training such as running through London, Paris, Sydney or the beaches of Australia while practicing your cardio sessions. The software saves your training statistics and automatically syncs them to the cloud.

You will be able to compete against athletes from all over the world, even professionals!