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How much does the press weigh without discs? Discover it here

Presses are training exercises that involve pushing a weight from a starting position to a final position. There are different types of presses depending on the muscle groups you want to work, and the benefits of incorporating them into a training program are numerous. These machines can be fitted with discs to increase the weight or you can work with the weight of the press itself without the discs.

Being a type of exercise that requires the involvement of more than one muscle , the muscle development achieved with the presses is a balanced development which means that some muscles are not worked more than others and the risk of injury is reduced . improving aesthetic appearance.

The synchronization of different muscle groups and joints that occurs when doing press helps to improve neuromuscular coordination and with it, also flexibility and mobility.

In a strength routine, presses can be combined with other exercises and movements for a complete workout. For example, shoulder presses can be complemented with pulling exercises such as pull-ups or rows, while lower body presses can be combined with exercises such as lunges or deadlifts. A proper combination will provide a balanced stimulus for the entire body, promoting complete muscle development and improving overall strength and functionality .

Woman using an incline leg press

How much does the press weigh without discs?

The weight of a discless press varies depending on: the type of press, the design, the materials it is made of, the brand and model. In general, plateless presses typically have a base weight , which is the weight of the main frame of the press without including any additional weight plates.

This base weight is different depending on the machine we are talking about since there are small gym presses and other larger commercial ones. The most normal thing is that this base weight ranges between 30 and 50 kg depending on the model and brand. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific press, we recommend that you check its specifications or contact us to obtain the exact weight of the model you are considering.

Man using a leg press

Does it make sense to use a press without discs?

Using a plateless press may make sense in certain situations, but it is generally more beneficial to use a press that allows the use of weight plates .

Adding weight plates to a press allows us to gradually increase the load as we progress in training, adding or removing plates depending on our needs and objectives. The ideal is to gradually increase the weight you move as you gain strength and muscle. If you do not increase the weight as you gain muscle, your body will stop making effort and working those muscles.

Weight plates also contribute to increasing the versatility and variety of exercises that can be performed on the press: bench press , military press , incline press , among others, by adjusting the angle of the press and the position of the plates. This variety allows you to work different muscle groups and keep your workouts interesting.

On the other hand, by adding the discs we provide greater stability and balance to the machine. By placing the same weight on both sides of the press, we are creating an adequate center of gravity, providing a much safer and more efficient workout because without the weight plates, the press may not be stable and there may be balance problems during the exercise.

weight plates

Exercises and type of presses:

leg press

This strength training equipment allows you to work your leg muscles, particularly your quadriceps , glutes , and hamstrings . It consists of a seat and a platform where you place your feet and that you must push with your legs . Some models like the Pro Club Line SLP500G from Body-solid allow you to adjust the seat so that it can adapt to any type of user, and others like this horizontal leg press from Bodytone have connectivity and a monitor so you can measure your results. There are also vertical leg presses, such as the Powerline PVLP156X , one of our best-selling presses.

Woman using a horizontal leg press

45º degree press or inclined press

The 45-degree press is a piece of training equipment in which the user sits on a seat and pushes an inclined platform upward with their feet, such as the GLPH2100 leg press from Body-solid , where the angle of inclination of the platform is approximately 45 degrees.

Woman using a 45 degree incline press

Hack or reverse leg press

The hack press, also known as the back press or inverted leg press , is a piece of training equipment primarily used to work the leg muscles, especially the quadriceps and glutes . Unlike the traditional leg press, the user stands on the platform and pushes up, performing a type of squat. There are jack presses that only serve to practice this type of exercise, such as the Bodytone Leg Jack Press , and others that combine two types of press: the inclined and the hack, such as the Body-solid Hack Squat GLPH1100 or the Hack Squat/Leg press. from BH Fitness .

Woman Using an Inverted Leg Press or Hack

Horizontal or chest press

The user sits on a seat and pushes a platform forward. The horizontal press, also known as the chest press, is a piece of training equipment used to work the muscles of the chest , shoulders , and triceps . The user sits on a seat and pushes a platform forward with his arms . One of our most sought after models for this type of press is the Pro Club Line Series II Chest Press.

Man using a horizontal chest press

Vertical or shoulder press

The vertical press, also known as the shoulder press , is a piece of training equipment designed to work the shoulder and triceps muscles. It consists of a vertical platform with handles that push up like the Pro Club Line Shoulder Press from Body-solid.

Man using a vertical shoulder press

There are also multifunction presses that are used to practice different types of press from a single machine, such as the Body-solid Multifunction Press or from this same brand, the Reg Press 2 stack Gym .

Considerations when choosing a press for your home or gym

The first thing to choose the press that best suits your home or gym is to choose the frequency of use that it must withstand. In our online store, in the case of weight machines such as presses, you will find 2 different ranges depending on the frequency of use you want to give them: professional (no limit on hours of use) and home (up to 20 hours per week). .

Once we have decided how many hours the machine will be used per week, we will have to look at other factors such as:

  • Available space : Whether it is to be placed in your home or for a gym, you must take into account the space you have to choose the ideal size press. Make sure you have enough space for both installation and proper use .
  • Weight Capacity : Consider the weight capacity you need. If you are a beginner or have limited strength, a leg press with a lower weight capacity may be sufficient. However, if you are a more experienced lifter or looking for additional challenges, you may need a leg press with a higher weight capacity.
  • Stability and construction : Make sure the leg press you choose is sturdy and built with durable materials. Stability is essential to avoid injuries during training.
  • Adjustability : Look for a leg press that is adjustable to accommodate different heights and leg lengths . The ability to adjust the angle and position of the platform or seat can be beneficial to suit your training preferences and needs.
  • Comfort and ergonomics : Check that the leg press has comfortable, padded seats and backrests. The grips and footrests should be non-slip to ensure a safe and comfortable workout.
  • Budget : Consider your available budget for the purchase of the leg press. There is a wide range of prices available, so it is important to set an appropriate budget and look for options that fit within it.

Woman using an arm press

At Sportech Fitness, we carry a wide range of presses , including leg press, hack press, 45 degree press, horizontal press and vertical press. Our team of experts is ready to advise you and help you choose the right press for your needs and objectives. In addition, we offer high-quality , durable and adjustable equipment to adapt to different spaces, capacities and budgets.

Don't hesitate to contact us at Sportech Fitness! We are here to answer your questions, provide you with personalized advice and help you find the perfect press to maximize your training. Take advantage of all the benefits that presses can offer you and start achieving your fitness and strength goals today.
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