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How much does a punching bag weigh?

Boxing , despite its apparent aggressiveness, is one of the noblest sports , since two people who "break their faces" inside the ring for twelve rounds, when they finish their fight they hug each other, knowing the sacrifice made by both before of the evening and as a sign of respect to his opponent .

And combat is the culmination of a preparation full of sacrifices, training, joys and sorrows. It is a crucial moment in which all the acquired skills and dedicated effort are tested and materialized in a direct confrontation and which demands an exceptional level of preparation and commitment.

What is boxing

The concept that supports boxing as such is as old as the sport. In ancient times, fights over honor or everyday objects were common, and even the Romans used fights and fights as a form of entertainment. Even so, it was not until the 18th century, when the term boxing began to be used in England to differentiate everyday disputes from regulated fights.

This has made boxing one of the oldest sports on the Olympic program and also one of the ones that raises the most expectations on the most important evenings, with million-dollar audiences. The rules are simple; Between ten and twelve three-minute rounds , with a judge who ensures the integrity of the boxers and a jury that evaluates the fight to decide one as the winner.

Each of the judges has a card where they score each of the rounds , giving 10 points to the winner of the round and 9 to the loser, with the only instruction that if either of the two fighters falls to the ground, one more point is subtracted. , thus leaving the round 10-8. At the end of the fight, the points of each judge are added and this is the verdict of each of them. If all the judges' cards give the same winner, then the winner would be considered the winner by unanimous decision and if not everyone agreed, the winner would be considered the champion in a divided manner.

If during the fight a boxer falls to the ground unconscious and cannot continue fighting after the referee's count of 10 seconds, the fight will end and the winner will have won the fight by Technical KO . Without a doubt, spectacle and emotion will not be lacking in a boxing match.

Two boxers during a fight

How much does a punching bag weigh?

There are punching bags of different weights and although the most common bags are around 11 kg , they can weigh up to 70 kg. Choosing the right weight for a punching bag will depend on several factors, such as your skill level, your body weight , your type of training , and your specific goals :

Lightweight punching bags: Lightweight punching bags are the most used and sold both for use in gyms and for home use. These bags are perfect for people who want to start boxing and want to focus on improving basic aspects such as technique and hitting speed.

Medium punching bags: In the case of medium punching bags, they are recommended for boxers with an intermediate level , similar to the amateur and already have a higher weight of up to 50 kg . Streamers like Viruzz or Mister Jagger for example would be a perfect example of amateur fighters who would fit perfectly with a bag of these measurements.

Heavy punching bags : Heavy bags provide a very important jump in weight and level, and are primarily focused on professional boxers and all those who wish to improve their strength and punching resistance . These bags weigh more than 50 kg and are recommended for boxing training, but with protection from bandages, since being so compact they can cause a lot of pain in the knuckles.

Woman hitting punching bag

Sports that need a bag to train

When we talk about punching bags, we talk about contact sports . There are many sports that need a bag to train in, since not in all training sessions you will have another person to face. It is also an excellent way to gain skill, technique and speed while minimizing physical damage.

Each sport uses the bag for a different type of training, so it is advisable to explain what use each athlete gives to this accessory . These are some of those sports and their uses:


As we have already mentioned, users who practice boxing use the bag to train daily without fear of injuring themselves or hurting their opponent when facing another person. In boxing, only blows are applied with the hand, so this will be the only way to hit the bag.

Woman practicing boxing with a bag

Muay Thai:

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a full-contact martial art and sport originating from Thailand. In it, both fist blows and kicks as well as knee and elbow blows are used, being one of the most complete and effective fighting styles in which the punching bag is an essential accessory .

two people performing the Muay Thai discipline

Kick boxing:

Kickboxing is a Japanese combat sport that combines elements of boxing, karate and other martial arts , focusing on punches and kicks. Unlike Muay Thai, the use of knees and elbows is not allowed.

person kneeing punching bag


Taekwondo is a martial art and combat sport that originated in South Korea and has gained widespread popularity around the world. It is known for its emphasis on fast and powerful kicks , making it a dynamic and spectacular martial discipline. The bag will help you train individually and strengthen your weak points through training.

It is an Olympic sport that requires exquisite technique to reach the top. In Spain we have the young athlete Adriana Cerezo, an Olympic medalist who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and won a silver medal in taekwondo.

two people performing a Taekwondo kata


Karate is another of the best-known Olympic contact sports . Damian Quintero is a Spanish karate fighter, Olympic runner-up, three-time world runner-up and seven-time European champion.

Originally from Okinawa, it has become a discipline widely practiced throughout the world, becoming the best known of the martial arts. Its focus on punches, kicks and open-hand striking techniques makes karate an effective form of self-defense and a highly competitive sport.

karateka practicing a punching bag kick


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a combat sport that combines techniques and skills from different martial arts , such as boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo, karate, among others. other disciplines. MMA fighters use a wide range of striking, grappling and submission techniques , making it an extremely dynamic and versatile sport.

Currently, it is the most watched contact sport in the world along with boxing, thanks to the fact that the UFC promoter chaired by Dana White and which has stars such as Conor McGregor or the Spaniard Ilia Topuria has managed to take advantage of the spectacular fights and the pre-fight morbidity.

Two MMA fighters fighting inside the octagon

Types of punching bag

There are different training equipment used in boxing and other combat disciplines to improve technique, physical conditioning and striking power. Each one has its specific characteristics and benefits and at Sportech Fitness we have three different types of punching bags:

Standard punching bags:

Standard punching bags are cylindrical bags that are hung from the ceiling or a solid structure using chains or straps. They are made of resistant materials and filled with materials such as sand, water, fabric or synthetic materials, which gives them the weight and solidity necessary to withstand shocks.

They are ideal for practicing different types of strikes, such as punches and kicks , and improving technique and precision . The punching bag can also be useful to reduce stress or simply to do cardio, since although it may not seem like it, boxing is one of the sports where the most cardiovascular activity is performed.

Evergy Standard Punching Bag

Standing punching bags:

Also known as freestanding punching bags or pedestal punching bags, they do not need to be hung from anywhere as they are kept standing by their floor base . It is a perfect option if you do not want to make any holes in the wall, being a portable and easy to move option perfect for training boxing at home.

This type of bag allows you to hit from different angles and is perfect for training in striking techniques and improving power, although due to their design, they may not be as suitable for high kick techniques.

standing punching bag

Punching ball:

The punching ball is a type of pear-shaped bag, much smaller than a normal bag, which is attached to a support and hangs from the ceiling or a solid structure using a spring and which allows you to perform different shots . The ball moves and bounces when hit, helping to improve coordination, accuracy and reflexes .

It is a low impact option and can be useful for improving reaction time and hitting speed. And while it's great for practicing quick, accurate punches, it doesn't provide the same level of resistance and hitting power as standard punching bags or free-standing punching bags.

Evergy Punching Ball

Boxing Accessories

In addition to the bag, to train boxing it is also important to have other types of materials and accessories that will help you complete your training and improve as much as possible:

Boxing gloves:

Along with the bag, it may be the most important accessory for boxing. Boxing gloves will help protect your hand and knuckles, preventing injuries both during training and during combat.

These gloves absorb the impact of blows thanks to the fact that they are padded, protecting both the person hitting and the person receiving them. There are different sizes and weights , such as the Evergy elite boxing gloves , which have 3 variants: 10, 12 and 14 ounces. Lighter gloves are suitable for speed and precision training , while heavier gloves are ideal for improving strength and endurance.

Some, like the Pent Fitness gloves, are made of high-quality leather.

Evergy Boxing Gloves


The mitts , also known as focus mitts or paddles, are training tools that coaches or partners use to simulate attack and defense movements and that allow boxers to practice punches and combinations in a more realistic and dynamic way.

Because boxing mitts are smaller and lighter than boxing gloves , the trainer can move and change positions quickly to provide moving targets.

Boxing training mitts

Training shield:

Training shields, or kick shields , are used to practice high-power kicks or punches . Being larger and thicker than mitts , shields provide a larger hitting surface as well as greater impact absorption.

boxing training shield

Boxing bandage:

Boxing bandages are as important as gloves, although they cannot be seen from the outside.

Boxing handwraps are strips of elastic fabric that wrap around the hands and wrists underneath the gloves. Its main purpose is to protect and support the joints and bones of the hands, knuckles and wrists to prevent sprains or fractures. Thanks to the materials with which these types of accessories are made, the bandages will absorb sweat, keeping the inside of the gloves dry and in good condition.

Boxing bandages to cover hands

Benefits of boxing to its users

Benefits of boxing

Boxing is a sport that offers various types of benefits, both physical and mental. On a physical level, these are the greatest benefits that a sport like boxing offers:

  • Increase strength and power: As is logical and we have been saying throughout the blog, thanks to boxing you will improve your explosive strength, which increases thanks to the technique obtained.
  • Improves cardio: Although it may not seem like it, the most important thing about boxing is cardio. No matter how much strength you have, if you cannot endure an assault at a cardiovascular level, you will not be able to throw any punches and you will lose very easily, so it is very important to work on cardio.
  • Improves flexibility: Boxing requires very different and versatile movements, in which the body will have to find new postures and will help improve flexibility.
  • Strengthens the core: Thanks to the constant movement of the core in torsion and recession, the abdominal and lumbar work is constant .

On a mental level, these would be the benefits of practicing boxing:

  • Stress reduction: Throwing fists at a punching bag is an action that, from its simplicity, helps release tension and be at peace with yourself in that moment, apart from the energy waste that will help you be calmer throughout the day.
  • Increased confidence: Boxing is not an easy sport at first, you have to learn a lot of movements and it can be a little frustrating, but as you improve you will gain a lot of self-confidence that you can also apply in your daily life.
  • Development of self-control: It is said that boxers are aggressive, but with some exceptions, they are people who have more self-control than most , thanks to the fact that boxing strategically teaches not to make impulsive decisions.

Thanks to boxing you will be able to learn some values, exercise, and create a group of people united by the same passion who will practically become family.

In this sport, the values ​​of nobility and sacrifice are very present, and that is why at Sportech Fitness we will be happy to provide you with information if you have any questions you may have about boxing products . Do not hesitate and contact us!
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