Popeye y las espinacas

Popeye was right... or was he? Discover the myths and truths about spinach.

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If you think that Popeye's passion for spinach is due to its high iron content, you are wrong...

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The famous cartoon character Popeye the sailor was the one who popularized spinach , obtaining enormous strength thanks to its consumption, and although in the 30s the popularity of Popeye caused a 33% increase in the consumption of this food In the US, this belief comes from a scientific error , as 36mg of iron is attributed to this vegetable instead of 3.6mg.

But then is spinach really good for athletes?

Spinach is a very nutritious vegetable that is beneficial for health in general, and especially for athletes. Although spinach does not contain as much iron as originally thought, it is a good source of this mineral and other nutrients that can help improve physical performance.

Here are the 5 definitive reasons to add spinach to your fitness diet:

Its high iron content: 

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Although they do not contain as much as originally believed, they are still an excellent source of iron . This mineral is essential for the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body, which is essential in endurance sports to work on aerobic exercise . One cup of cooked spinach provides almost 20% of the recommended daily intake.

They contain nitrates:

Nitrates are naturally occurring compounds found in spinach that have been linked to improving the efficiency of the body's use of oxygen . This means that athletes who consume spinach may experience improved stamina and the ability to exercise for longer.

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Rich in antioxidants:

Spinach is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lutein , which can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. These types of antioxidants are ideal for recovery after high-intensity exercise.

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Source of vitamin K:

Vitamin K is important for bone health and aids in blood clotting. Athletes who are at higher risk of injury or fracture may benefit from spinach due to its high vitamin K content. One cup of cooked spinach provides more than double the recommended daily intake of vitamin K making it a an ideal option.

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Low in calories:

Spinach is low in calories and high in nutrients , making it a great choice for athletes looking to maintain a healthy weight. One cup of cooked spinach contains just 41 calories , but it also provides a host of vitamins and minerals.

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In conclusion, although spinach is not a magic food that can make you stronger overnight, it is a good source of nutrients that can help improve physical performance and overall health . So, if you are going to face weeks of loading in your training, remember Popeye and add a serving of spinach to your diet.


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