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We celebrate World Bike Day with a 5% discount on all our spinning bikes!

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June 3 is World Bicycle Day and at Sportech Fitness we want to celebrate it in style with a 5% discount code on all our spinning bikes from Saturday May 27. Do not miss this opportunity to get your indoor bike. Keep reading to find out more!

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Spinning has become one of the most popular activities for those looking to start exercising, lose weight or simply want to stay in shape, and that is that exercising on spinning bikes, or in other words, on cycles indoor, offers numerous advantages :

Worry only pedaling

With an indoor bike you can train whenever you want without having to worry about the cold, heat or rain. It also makes it easier for those who have a busy schedule to practice sports by saving commuting time and being able to exercise at any time of the day.

A woman and a man in a spinning class

Adapt your training to your goals

Thanks to the variety of adjustable resistance levels, you can customize your training routine based on your needs and goals, gradually increasing the intensity as you improve your physical condition.

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Monitor your progress in real time

Most of our spinning bikes integrate a screen where you can follow your performance in real time and obtain data as relevant as the distance covered, the time elapsed and the calories burned.

Woman watching her sports performance in real time

Don't miss this opportunity, it's time to pedal!

Whether it is to improve your well-being or to find a fun way to exercise, an indoor cycle is the perfect solution. Do not miss the opportunity and take advantage of our coupon " BIKEWORLD " to get a 5% discount on all our spinning bikes only from May 17 to Saturday June 3.

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Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Visit our online store and enjoy the discount. With adjustable resistance levels, built-in displays to track your data, and the convenience of being able to exercise at any time of the day, there's no excuse not to start pedaling toward your best self!

You will not find a better opportunity to invest in your health and well-being! Don't miss out and place your order now !

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