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Water, your best sports ally: The benefits of hydration to improve your performance

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This Wednesday, March 22, World Water Day is celebrated and what better week than this to talk about the most important matter in the human body?

Water, your best sports ally: The benefits of hydration to improve your performance

World Water Day is an event to raise awareness about the importance of this resource and curiously this year coincides with the main theme, "The importance of water" and of course, in this post we will focus on why hydration is essential during the practice of sport.

When you exercise, your body loses water through sweat and breathing, which can lead to dehydration if you don't drink enough water to replace what you've lost.

But, what are the real benefits of consuming water while doing sports?

Well, here we leave you the 4 reasons why water consumption is so important when training:

Corporal temperature regulation:

Water helps regulate body temperature during exercise, since the sweat produced during physical activity cools the body. When not enough water is consumed, body temperature can rise, leading to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Corporal temperature regulation

Increases physical performance:

When the body is hydrated, physical performance improves. Lack of water in the body can affect the ability of the muscles to work effectively, which decreases stamina and the ability to exercise effectively.

Increases physical performance

Reduced risk of injury:

Water helps keep muscles and joints lubricated and flexible , reducing the risk of injury. When the body is dehydrated, the joints and muscles can be stiffer and more prone to injury.

Reduced risk of injury

Help in recovery:

Water is important in aiding post-exercise recovery by replacing fluids lost during exercise . This, in addition to helping prevent dehydration, contributes to the recovery of the body.

Helps in post-workout recovery

Drinking enough water before, during and after training is important not only to keep the body hydrated and working , but also to contribute to improving our performance and avoiding injuries.

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