Las proteínas y el entrenamiento,  su consumo, beneficios y las mejores fuentes

Proteins and training, their consumption, benefits and the best sources

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These macronutrients are essential in the human body and good physical performance. Adequate protein intake is essential to support fitness training success. Whether through food or supplements, we need to make sure we are getting enough protein before, during, and after exercise for the best results.

What are they and why do we need proteins?

They are complex molecules that perform a wide variety of functions in organisms: speeding up chemical reactions in the body, regulating blood glucose levels, acting as antibodies that help fight infection and disease, or storing nutrients and minerals in the body, as iron and zinc.

In addition, they are part of the structure of muscles, skin, bones, enzymes and antibodies, being necessary so that they do not weaken, grow and stay strong. In case other nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats are not available, proteins can also be used as an energy source.

Benefits of proteins pre, during and post training

1. Benefits of protein before exercise:

Protein intake helps to stimulate its synthesis and to maintain and regulate energy levels . Consuming a pre-workout meal or protein shake can also help reduce muscle damage that will occur from training.

2. Benefits of protein during exercise:

Although protein is not a primary energy source, the body can resort to protein catabolism to obtain amino acids for additional energy. In these situations, muscle proteins can be broken down to provide fuel for working muscles. In addition, they help maintain the integrity of muscle fibers and prevent excessive catabolism.

3 Benefits of protein after exercise:

This is when protein intake is essential to support recovery and muscle growth by acting as building blocks for it. Its intake after exercise improves performance capacity in the future by helping to repair and build new muscle tissue.

The best sources of protein

There are many ways to get protein , both through food and through supplements . Some protein-rich foods include lean meats, fish, eggs, dairy products, and beans. There are also protein powder supplements that can be added to shakes or meals to increase protein intake. Here we leave you some of the most protein foods and their amount of protein per 100gr:

Egg → 100gr = 12gr of protein.

Beef → 100gr = 26gr of protein.

Tuna → 100gr = 22gr of protein.

Greek yogurt → 100gr = 11gr of protein.

Lentils → 100gr = 9gr of protein.

Chicken → 100gr = 25gr of protein.

Pistachios → 100gr = 21gr of protein.

Cheese → 100gr = 20gr of protein.

Salmon → 100gr = 20gr of protein.


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