Monumento a los juegos olímpicos al amanecer

Read this article and discover 3 of the most impressive Olympic games.

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In today's post we will talk about the Olympic Games, that spirit that reappears among all of society every four years, that for three weeks monopolizes all the spotlights and that goes far beyond sport and competition.

The best stories of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is a movement promoting sport and competition centered around the Olympic Games . The Olympic Games are an international sporting event that takes place every four years and in which athletes from all over the world participate in various sports disciplines. The goal of the Olympic Games is to promote friendship and unity among peoples through sport.

Today we will talk about incredible stories that inspire you and help give that necessary push for those days when going out to play sports costs more.

1. Jesse Owens won four golds by ruining Hitler's big sports party.

In 1936, during the Berlin Games, Jesse Owens stood up to Nazism with his small celebration, thus undermining the paraphernalia set up to try to whitewash this regime.

This black athlete managed to get on the podium in Berlin up to four times, starring in one of them in one of the most important images in the history of sports . When everyone raised their right arm in front to pay respect to Hitler, Owens raised his arm with a clenched fist, insulting the general and vindicating the rights of all people regardless of their race or beliefs .

Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics

2. Derek Redmond and his 250-meter overcoming to become an Olympic

At the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, during the 400 meter semifinal dispute, an image remained for history .

Derek Redmond was one of the favorites to take home the gold medal. Everything was going well until when there were barely 250 meters to go, the athlete tore a tendon . What no one expected is that he will show the strength and determination he exhibited in trying to finish the race despite the injury, as Derek kept running completely lame in order to reach the finish line. His father, who was in the stands, did not hesitate to go down to help his son achieve his goal by creating an already iconic image of that moment.

3. Bolt and Phelps, the kings of Beijing

Thanks to the Beijing 2008 games we were able to discover two of the greatest legends in the history of sports, two athletes completely unknown to the vast majority of the public. Michael Phelps “the Baltimore shark” won 8 gold medals, becoming the athlete who has won the most gold medals in an Olympic Games . While Usain Bolt, got three golds and broke the world record of the queen test of the Olympic Games, the 100-meter dash.

Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt

The Olympic Games have always left us and will leave us small inspiring and magical stories capable of changing the lives of both athletes and spectators.

The games are spirit, values, struggle and overcoming , they try to share moments while they make us forget the evils uniting millions of people around the same feeling.

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