Máquinas para gemelos, ¿Cuál es la mejor para mi?

Machines for twins, which one is best for me?

Are you looking to strengthen your calves? Discover in this post the 5 best machines to train these muscles of the legs  essential for balance, stability and mobility.

Strengthen the calves not only improves sports performance , but also reduces the risk of injury . In this article, we will explain in detail the best machines available to work your calves , providing a complete guide to help you find the perfect option that suits your needs and fitness goals.

Person doing calf extensions or heel raises

What is the gastrocnemius muscle?

The terms are often confused calf, gastrocnemius and soleus , which they refer to different parts but related to the human body.

The calf It is the part of the leg located at the back of the lower leg, just below the knee and above the ankle. This composed mostly by two muscles: the gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus muscle .

He twin , refers specifically to the gastrocnemius muscle , which is the largest and most visible muscle in the calf. This muscle starts at the top of our thigh and connects to our heel through the Achilles tendon, which is just behind the ankle and is what helps us bend our knee when we walk.

The soleus On the other hand, it starts at the top of the lower leg and connects to the Achilles tendon that it shares with the gastrocnemius. This muscle It is below the gastrocnemius or gastrocnemius , and it is what does all the work to move the ankle.

So, although the gastrocnemius is part of the calf, they are not exactly the same. The calf comprises more than just the gastrocnemius; It also includes other muscles such as the soleus and structures in that region of the leg.

Muscles of the lower leg: what is the calf, the gastrocnemius and the soleus

Why is it important to strengthen the calves?

The twins are vital in almost any activity  physical activity that involves the legs: from walking and running, to jumping and lifting weights. Strengthen them improves athletic ability , as they contribute to building a stable base, crucial for any physical activity or even to avoid falls in daily life. Other reasons why it is crucial to strengthen the calves are:

  • Injury prevention : Weak calves can increase the risk of injuries to other parts of the body, such as knees, ankles and feet. Strengthening them helps stabilize the joints and reduces the chance of injury.
  • Improved Sports Performance : Almost any sporting activity involves the calves, so if they are well trained, they will improve power and responsiveness, thus improving performance in sports and training.
  • Improved Posture : The calves influence body posture. Strong calves contribute to better body alignment, which reduces pressure on other parts of the body, such as the lower back.
  • Mobility : In addition to their role in stability, calves are vital for mobility. Strengthening them improves the ability to flexion and extension of the legs, which is essential for performing everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects.

Specialized Machines to Strengthen the Calves:

Although calves can be worked without specialized machines, benefits of using different tools  They are numerous.

Calf strengthening machines are designed to isolate work on this muscle group offering a greater level of control and stability while minimizing the risk of injury. Furthermore, being easy to use, They do not require such a precise technique  like exercises without machines.

There are several specialized machines you can use to strengthen your calves, such as:

Platform for Heel Raises and Squats:

This is the most rudimentary machine or tool that we will see today. It is a platform that helps stabilize the user  during heel raises and squats. The Body-Solid SCB26 Squat and Heel Raise Block It is an ideal tool to isolate the calves and work on them in a focused way .

By incorporating this platform into your training you will achieve increase your intensity  thanks to full range of motion  that allows this accessory, its ease of use and total comfort.


Seated Twins Machine

Machines like the Seated calves machine L210 from BH Fitness , are designed to carry out the twin extensions . It is equipment specifically designed to isolate and work the calf muscles, focusing on the gastrocnemius and soleus.

You sit down and place your feet on a platform in front of you with your legs stretched out . You adjust the desired load or weight and push the platform forward with the balls of your feet and then return to the starting position.

The variation of the angle  and the device used for charging It will determine the incidence in one muscle or another of our calves . It's very important control movement to avoid tension  unnecessary in the muscles or joints.

Foot Calf Lift Machine:

Twin extension can also be performed standing , providing a different angle of work and allowing certain parts of the calf to be worked on in a specific way, such as in the Bodytone Squat and Calf Machine .

This teams put a load on our shoulders  to intensify and improve the performance of extensions. Its use is simple: just stand on the machine, supporting the weight on the balls of the feet  and keeping the body upright. Once you have adopted a suitable posture, you begin with the lifts.

It is crucial that the feet have a wide range of motion  to raise and lower during exercise. Keep your back straight and avoid bending your knees  They are fundamental aspects. The lift should be driven primarily by the action of the calf muscles.

Seated calf raise machine:

It is also known as heel lifting machine , and the weight can be applied through plates or through discs as in the Steelflex PLSC-BR seated heel raise machine.

This machine can be confused with the previous one, but it has nothing to do with the seated twins machine. Instead of keeping your legs extended during extensions, We flex the knee to isolate the soleus without activating the gastrocnemius.

Exercising on this machine involves sitting with your feet placed on a platform, with your knees bent and with pads just above your knees. The desired resistance or weight is adjusted and the feet are extended using the raising the heels upward, contracting the calf muscles.

This equipment provides an effective way to strengthen and tone muscles, offering a controlled range of motion and adjustable resistance to suit different skill levels and muscle strength.

Leg press machine:

Although leg presses are primarily designed to work larger leg muscles, such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, they also involve the calf muscles , especially during the push or extension phase.

During the movement in a leg press such as the Hack Squat/Leg Press 45° from BH Fitness , the calves are activated to help with stabilization and balance, but its Direct involvement may vary depending on the user's posture and technique  used. When pushing the platform with your feet from an incline position, some calf activation may be experienced, although it is not the main focus of this machine compared to others.

It is important to keep in mind that for work more focused on the twins, are more recommended  machines specifically designed for this, such as seated twins machines  waves heel lifting machines  which allow for a more specific range of motion and a more direct load on the calf muscles.

Man using the BH Fitness Hack Squat/Leg Press 45° Leg Press

Crucial Factors When Choosing a Cufflinks Machine:

Range of Motion:

Range of motion is essential when choosing a machine to exercise your calves. Look for those that allow a full range of motion . This aspect allows the calf muscles to be fully activated, which is essential for effective and focused training. A wide range of motion ensures that every muscle fiber is activated and worked optimally,  thus promoting balanced and complete development.


The versatility of a machine is key. Opt for those that offer adjustments in weight and position . This feature allows you to customize the exercise to your specific needs. The ability to modify weight load and adapt body position Ensures more effective and safer training . Adapting the machine to your individual abilities allows you to progress gradually and prevent injuries derived from excessive effort or an inadequate position.

Comfort and Stability:

Ergonomics and stability are fundamental aspects to guarantee safe and effective training. A machine must provide a comfortable and natural body position  during exercise. This not only increases efficiency  of training, but also reduces risk of injury due to forced or uncomfortable postures. Additionally, a stable and solid base on the machine provides safety, minimizing the possibility of accidents during exercise and allowing total focus on movement and technique.

At Sportech Fitness, we have a wide range of machines and accessories designed specifically to strengthen your calves and improve your athletic performance. Visit our online store to discover our selection and begin your journey to stronger, more powerful twins.
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