Portada de Pent luxury fitness, tu gimnasio de lujo en casa

Pent luxury fitness, your luxury gym at home

Are you a fitness enthusiast and a design addict? Look no further, Pent is the equipment brand that will meet all your requirements. Pent accessories are not only fitness equipment, but also beautiful pieces of high-quality decoration and design made of leather, steel and wood.

At Sportech Fitness, we believe that luxury is not just about exquisite materials and elegant design , but also about an exceptional training experience . Pent Fitness luxury accessories combine the highest quality with cutting-edge technology to elevate your training to the highest level.

Image that reflects the artisanal production of Pent Fitnes products, in this case, its Colmia dumbbells

What is Pent Fitness?

Born in Poland based on the experience and knowledge acquired in previous years as a provider of fitness solutions for professional gyms, today Pent Fitness is the reference brand when it comes to luxury fitness items .

The main premise that guided the brand's creators, Marcin Raczek and Jagoda Markowska-Raczek, was to create items that were not only fitness equipment but also timeless design pieces and works of art.

Pent Fitness accessories are manufactured without electronic components, with the best and most precious materials supplied by renowned manufacturers, which will ensure that these items do not deteriorate over the years and keep their quality and design intact.

Each piece is made individually and by hand , one by one by experienced staff who have been dedicating themselves to it for years. Pent products have everything a unique home gym and personal studio should have: perfect angle, curve and exclusive stainless steel finish. The oiled walnut wood provides a firm grip and is very hygienic as it does not transmit harmful substances to the user when they perspire.

Pent Fitness dumbbells inside their packaging

It is not a brand for everyone…

As we can guess from the price of its products, Pent Fitness is not a brand for everyone.

Pent products are exclusive products , manufactured to order for the most demanding customers around the world. They are items so unique that they increase the prestige of the place where they are located, even if it is a luxury yacht, a villa or a hotel room. All pieces are customizable . You can change the color of the leather, select the type of wood or the type of metal and even add your initials.

All items are made in limited quantities and with durable fabrics by the brand's qualified artisan, which adds an extra touch of exceptionality to each item.

Luxury yacht gym equipped with Pent Fitness products

What makes Pent Fitness special?

The Polish brand is created on very firm values ​​and commitments that are reflected in both the product and customer treatment.

Pent equals exclusivity

Each accessory is a meticulous handcrafted creation , designed with top quality materials and exquisite details. Limited productions and the possibility of customization ensure that each piece is a unique jewel that only a lucky few can have.

Artisanal placement of top quality materials taking care of the small details

Synonymous with quality and craftsmanship

All Pent Fitness products are designed and manufactured in Poland, even the smallest wooden or steel components, allowing Pent to have control over the entire creation process , ensuring the highest quality of all materials and processes.

Woman manually manufacturing one of the Pent Fitness products

Always at the forefront of innovation and technology

Pent Fitness has an internal development department that is always up to date with the latest developments in the sector. The raw materials are subjected to the most cutting-edge treatments available today and the few machines the factory has are state-of-the-art CNC machines .

Treatment for natural walnut wood from Pent Fitness products

Customer experience as unique as your products

The shape of Pent accessories is the result of months of design process , during which a multitude of solutions and materials are tested with the aim of obtaining products that meet each and every one of the requirements of the most demanding customers so that they have an exceptional training experience.

Genuine leather color choice made by a Pent Fitness customer

Pent Luxury Fitness Products

Colmia: Pent Fitness Dumbbells

Colmia™ dumbbells are made with natural American walnut wood along with the highest quality stainless steel . A stable construction with great attention to detail and a heart put into the craftsmanship make the dumbbells an ideal choice as part of a modern home or hotel gym.

Dumbbells are available in sets (horizontal or vertical) or individual pairs (with or without wooden stands).

Colmia: Pent Fitness Dumbbells

Lova: Pent Fitness Kettlebells

Handcrafted Lova™ Kettlebells are also made from natural hickory wood and stainless steel . The many hours of design and craftsmanship have created something special in terms of its unusual shape , a stable and simple stand and its practical use.

The Lova™ set is available in different versions, both in sets (horizontal or vertical) and individual pieces (with or without wooden support).

Lova: Pent Fitness Kettlebells

Moxa: Pent Fitness Balls

Moxa™ weighted medicine balls are handmade with authentic leather and an excellent and prestigious design that allows them to be used for a wide variety of applications.

Each ball has a diameter of 25 cm , and are available both in sets (horizontal or vertical) and in individual pieces.

Moxa: Pent Fitness Balls

Lesna: Pent Fitness Barbell set

The Lesna™ set features a bar made from the finest luxury materials . The elegant and simple shape of the stand fits perfectly with the available weight plates .

The set consists of a support , a bar and discs of: 4 kg x 2 | 8kg x 2 | 12kg x 2.

Lesna: Pent Fitness Barbell set

Bystra: Pent Fitness rack 

Like all pent products, the Bystra™ rack is also made with the best materials and attention to every detail.

The Bench Rack press can be purchased with or without the 4 kg x 2 weights | 8kg x 2 | 12kg x 2.

Bencha: Pent Fitness bench

Handmade with wood , stainless steel and natural leather . These materials combined with great attention to detail make the Banka™ bench perfect for those looking for practical function without losing beauty and prestige for a home or hotel gym.

This bench has two variants : the normal bench with its stable and simple shape, and the adjustable bench that can be tilted depending on the needs or type of exercise.

Bencha: Pent Fitness bench

Scala: Pent Fitness Wall Bar

Scala™ is composed of a pattern of stairs containing weighted, removable rungs. To make the wall bar even more versatile, the ladder has flexible bands that can be easily attached to the bars and ladder. Additionally, you can also attach TRX bands (not supplied).

We have 3 Scala possibilities : Scala Basic , Scala Advance and + Scala Advance .

Scala: Pent Fitness Wall Bar

Raxa: Pent Fitness Boxing Bags and Gloves

Add style to your gym with the amazing genuine leather punching bag . Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also withstands heavy blows. An elegant but practical product, like the matching boxing gloves also made of leather.

Raxa: Pent Fitness Boxing Bags and Gloves

Pent Fitness Accessories

In addition to these products, Pent fitness also has other accessories such as:

Pent Fitness Luxury Fitness Accessories

Lipova™ push-up bars

The Sienna™ skipping rope

Resa™ elastic bands

The Kalna™ Bulgarian bag

Mata Leather Mat (Large or Small)™ leather mat

The Mesna™ fitball exercise ball

The Tresna™ balance trainer

The Rola™ roller

The Koha™ yoga block

Guma™ elastic bands

The Pasa™ yoga belt yoga strap

Are you looking for complete equipment? Pent Fitness Multi Set

Pent fitness has created 3 sets with different items so you can have the most essential set of fitness accessories


A beautiful shelf with accessories . RACKA™ includes the following products:

  • 1 LIPOVA™ push-up bar
  • 1 MESNA™ fitball
  • 1 large MATA™ leather mat
  • 1 SIENNA™ jump rope
  • 1 TRESNA™ push-up bar
  • 1 ROLA™ Stretching Roller
Racka™ Pent Fitness Set

Combo™ Ana

Created as a complete set for the most demanding.

Combo™ Ana Pent Fitness

Sophia™ Mobile Gym Kit

Created by specialists for professionals and amateurs as a complete set for the most demanding, it is a complementary set of dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mat and essential fitness accessories.

The ergonomic design includes drawers for smaller accessories such as a jump rope or push-up apparatus.

Sophia includes:

  • 4 COLMIA™ Dumbbells: 4 kg x 2 / 8 kg x 2
  • 2 LOVA™ Kettlebells: 4 kg / 8 kg
  • 1 TRESNA™ balance ball
  • 1 MOXA™ weighted ball: 8 kg
  • 1 SIENNA™ jump rope
  • 1 MATA™ exercise mat
  • 1 LIPOVA™ push-up bar
  • 1 KOHA™ Yoga Block
  • 1 PASA™ Yoga Belt
  • 1 ROLA™ Stretching Roller
Sophia™ Mobile Gym Kit Pent Fitness
All these elements combine to create the most exceptional items in the fitness sector aimed at informed and demanding consumers. You are one of them? Consult us here.
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