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If you don't know how to use a rowing machine, you have to read this blog to the end

Indoor rowers are one of the most beneficial and complete fitness machines on the market. In this blog we will try to explain what they are for, how they are used and which muscle groups are exercised when using a seated rowing machine.

From improving cardiovascular endurance to toning key muscles like the abs, rowing machines are an ideal option for the home if you're looking to combine cardio with muscle building . Whether hydraulic or air rowers, these types of fitness machines will provide you with an efficient, low-impact exercise experience perfect for any type of user.


What is indoor rowing exercise for?

A rowing machine is a piece of fitness equipment that simulates the movement of rowing in water, thanks to which we can exercise 80% of the muscles in our body. In addition to exercising strength, it also helps improve cardiovascular endurance, burn calories and tone muscles.

It is a perfect option for those who want to do a complete workout , both muscle and cardio, and do not have much space at home, since there are folding rowing machines that you can store anywhere.


How to use a rowing machine and what mistakes to avoid

To correctly perform the exercise on a rowing machine , also known as a rowing ergometer or indoor rower, you must take these four points into account.

  1. Before starting , configure the machine according to your preferences. Sit on the seat with your back straight and your feet firmly held in the supports. Grip the rowing bar with your hands, keeping your wrists straight and your fingers wrapped comfortably around the bar.
  2. Start the push using mainly your legs . Push hard through your heels and extend your legs while keeping your back straight . When your legs are almost completely extended, start pulling the rowing bar with your arms, bringing your elbows back and close to your body.
  3. As you approach the end of the movement, lean your torso back slightly while keeping your shoulders relaxed.
  4. Start the return phase by reversing the movement. Extend your arms forward, followed by your torso leaning forward. Finally, bend your legs to slide the seat gently forward and return to the starting position.
woman exercising with rowing machine

It is important that when using a rowing machine , you keep in mind certain errors that can affect the execution of the exercise, such as:

Push yourself through your arms . The movement should start with the legs, and continue with the trunk, arms and back.

Lean back during exercise. Keeping your back straight and abdomen contracted is vitally important. This will help prevent injuries and maximize exercise performance.

Increase the pace. It is important not to rush and take the time necessary to find the rhythm that allows you to maintain good technique.


Muscles that are worked the most on a rowing machine

As we mentioned previously, a rowing machine works 80% of the body's muscles, making it a versatile machine that combines cardio and bodybuilding. The main muscles that are strengthened by rowing are:

  • Back: Back muscles, such as the trapezius and erector spinae muscles , are strengthened by performing the pulling movement toward the chest.
  • Shoulders: The deltoids , located in the shoulders, are exercised when pulling the tape and help stabilize and move the arms during the exercise.
  • Chest: The pectoral muscles are activated during the pulling of the tape towards the chest, which helps to strengthen the chest and maintain correct posture.
  • Arms: Arm muscles, such as the biceps and triceps , are worked by gripping and pulling on the handle of the rowing machine.
  • Abdominals: The abdominal muscles play an important role in stabilizing the trunk throughout the rowing movement. Keeping them contracted helps maintain good posture and stability.
  • Legs: Leg muscles, such as the quadriceps , hamstrings , and glutes , are used to propel the body during pulling.
What muscles are worked during rowing exercise


Among the best rowing machines, the Concept 2 rowing machines stand out , followed by those from the Proform and BH Fitness brands. The quality, robustness and smooth and fluid rowing experience along with the latest cutting-edge technologies make these the most suitable rowing machines for both the gym and home.  

Indoor rowers from these brands, such as the Rowerg rowing machine from Concept 2 , are perfect options, which have an ergonomic design, a comfortable seat and an adjustable air resistance system that simulates the sensation of rowing on the water.

What are you waiting for? Elevate your fitness to the next level with Sportech Fitness rowing machines and discover the unique experience that awaits you!

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