How does it work and how much does it cost?


We have an assembly service anywhere in Spain. The price of the assembly service is €72, regardless of the machine it is, except in the case of multi-stations, which cost €157, due to the hours of work that these types of machines have.

How does the mounting service work? The truth is that most machines are quite easy to assemble, but there are some machines that are more difficult to assemble or there are people who require this service. In this case the operation is very service, when placing the order, there will come a time when you have to choose the type of shipment you want to make, one is free, but there is another that gives you the option of mounting the machine, you choose this service and we will do the rest.

Once you have the machine at home, our technical service will call you and you will make an appointment so that it suits both parties to have the machine assembled. As a general rule, they take 4/5 days to go, depending on availability.