What is I. Concept technology?

The BH I.Concept is an interactive and motivational training concept designed by BH Fitness, and that works with BH's I.Concept machines. The goal of this technology is to merge two worlds Health and entertainment.


This technology allows you to use your tablet or smartphone, whether Apple or Android. The tablet or smartphone itself becomes the console of your fitness device. Where you can see the programs of the applications with which they are training.

Depending on the applications you can:

  • Training with automatic resistance changes
  • Simulate any Tour climb you like
  • Exercising while interacting with a video game
  • Run the Paris marathon

Once you have connected your I.Concept device with the APP, you will be able to use your tablet or smartphone again to listen to music or watch movies. The fitness program works in the background.

Control of your workouts

Another aspect to highlight about this BH technology is the option to store all your workouts. This allows you to evaluate your progress. Even if you set a goal, see if you are reaching it

Compatible machines I.Concept of BH

This technology is included in the products of cardio of BH. When buying any BH machine, you have to pay attention to the following nomenclature:

  • : all the BH references that start with I. means that they come standard with everything you need to connect to your smartphone or tablet. You don't have to buy any additional accessories
  • Dual: all BH products that indicate Dual are those that allow you to convert your machine into an I.Concept with the purchase of a DUAL KIT. Installing this is super easy. You just have to plug it into the back of the console, and connect to your tablet or smartphone.

I.Concept Compatible Applications

Here we recommend that you always monitor before, and make the updates. Since when an APP makes an update, it can be a while without working.

  • Kinomap
  • Run on Earth
  • Cycle on Earth
  • Webathletics
  • Cycle Rush 2
  • Fit Console
  • Tread Monitor
  • Pedal Monitor

These are some of the applications with which you can train.