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Vitamin C, what benefits does the great unknown of sports supplementation have?

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Nowadays there is a lot of talk about supplementation and vitamins, but do we really know what each of the supplements we take gives us?

In this blog we will talk specifically about Vitamin C , perhaps the great unknown, but very important for athletes . We will discuss the benefits of consumption, the largest sources of Vitamin C and some recipe to include in your diet!

Regarding the benefits, vitamin C stands out for its importance when it comes to preventing injuries , as it is rich in substances such as iron, which helps protect the body against pneumonia, or its importance when it comes to producing collagen. , which helps protect and repair various tissues in the body.

We have already said that vitamin C is the great unknown, perhaps because the vast majority of products that contain it are mostly exotic fruits . But below we will leave you a list of products with a high content of vitamin C and a recipe to add it to your diet:


When we talk about vitamin C, we often imagine an orange or a kiwi in our minds, however, we are unaware that peppers can be another valid alternative to include this great vitamin with antioxidant function . The pepper contains 3 times more vitamin C than the orange , and it is very easy to get into our diet, adding it to stews or salads. But for the most creative, here's a simple and delicious recipe: Some peppers stuffed with zucchini and cheese to brighten up your day!


From peppers we turn to a classic such as kiwi. The ease of consuming kiwi makes it a perfect source of vitamin C. Kiwi and cucumber juice, quick to make and to consume at any time of the day, is a perfect antioxidant and a very interesting option.


As we discussed in a recent post , spinach is the favorite food of a character as charismatic as Popeye, and of course, rich in vitamin C, which is why the cartoon character was always in spectacular shape. It is not necessary to consume them like him, you can also put them in a rich and warm soup.


We could not finish the blog without mentioning the best known. Although, as we have already mentioned, it is not the richest in vitamin C, it contains a large amount and it is very useful and easy to include it in the day to day , take it to work to eat it on a break or make a delicious orange cake and that's it you will have your dose of Vitamin C.

In short, vitamin C is a great recovery from efforts and a great supplement against injuries , so it is very important to add it to our daily diet, so that our training is prolonged and does not stop due to injury.

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