Qué cinta de correr comprar: La guía completa

Which treadmill to buy: The complete guide

The treadmill is by far the best known and most purchased cardiovascular machine since thanks to it we can work all the muscles in the body and it is very effective for losing weight. But... What is a treadmill? What factors must be taken into account when purchasing?

Although it is known as a running machine, this fitness equipment can also be used to perform lower intensity activities such as jogging or walking. There are tapes of different sizes , folding tapes, manually propelled tapes, mechanically propelled ones, etc.

User using the Matrix Fitness TF50 treadmill

Key factors for buying a treadmill:

Strap size

Normally a strap is usually at least 120 cm long and 45 cm wide . For taller people, it is recommended that the size be 137 cm to run and walk comfortably with an adequate stride.

Treadmill belt


Cushioning is essential to avoid injuries , the impact of the foot must be absorbed by the tape naturally. If your intention is to run regularly, we advise you to buy a machine that has the possibility of 16 km/h or more.

Cushioning with a person running on a treadmill


The tape has to be stable to offer maximum security . The frame that holds the treadmill must be firm and stable , while the treadmill circulates smoothly.

Stability on a treadmill


It is a very important factor, if you are a large person, the tape must be resistant and powerful to perform the function at the intensity you want. Home use treadmill motors can hold up to 135kg.

Easy to use control panel

It is important that the program control panel be within reach while performing the exercise to avoid having to stop or fall when you want to manipulate it. It is also important that the speed and incline can be adjusted to be able to have a complete workout. It is advisable that you have the possibility of installing an MP3, USB or Bluetooth player.

Screen or console of a treadmill

Space and size

First of all, we recommend that you think about what space you are going to have for the machine, since regardless of whether the machine is large or small, it will take up a lot of space . It is true that there are also folding treadmills, but they are still heavy.

It is advisable that you allow a large space for the tape and that you take the measurements into account when making the purchase.

Treadmill that takes up little space thanks to its foldability

Price / Warranty / Delivery / Installation

Generally, price is one of the first factors a person looks at when making a purchase.

The options range from 500 euros to almost 10,000 euros, with different variants in between. For this reason, it depends on your budget , but keep in mind that there are important differences between a cheap treadmill and one that costs over 2,000 euros.

Regardless of the price, the guarantee is essential since any damage, even during transport, can be covered.

Another very important concept is the delivery cost. It is interesting that you ask about the cost of delivery, since you can get an idea of ​​the cost, but delivery can increase the amount of the final price . It is also of interest that you take into account the installation service , although the installation and configuration of the machine does not require major complications, it would be an added value if the service were included in the price.

Maintenance of a treadmill

Treadmill Benefits:

Burns calories and helps reduce weight: Using it regularly helps you burn calories. Furthermore, if what you are looking to lose weight, the treadmill will allow you to lose weight more easily than other devices.

So that you can have an approximation of the caloric burning in 30 minutes , taking into account three approximate cases of body weight and different rhythms, we have prepared the following table:

Calories burned on average in 30 minutes

Physical exercise

57 kilos

70 kilos

84 kilos

Run: 8 km/h




Running: 8.3 km/h




Running: 9.6 km/h




Running: 10.7 km/h




Running: 12 km/h




Running: 13.8 km/h




Running: 16 km/h




Improves cardiovascular health: Repetitive work increases respiratory and heart rate which, in turn, improves blood flow and strengthens the heart. This helps reduce the occurrence of associated cardiovascular diseases , such as myocardial infarction, heart failure or arrhythmias.

Strengthening muscles and bones: Not only does it tone muscles, it also strengthens tendons, joints, ligaments and bones.

Increase our energy: By practicing sports, your body will gain strength and resistance and, therefore, you will have more energy.

Improves our emotional system: With the release of tension, stress is reduced and more peace of mind is achieved.

Helps you fall asleep: Regular physical activity will help you rest better at night, which will allow you to be more active during the day.

Benefits of a treadmill

Types of treadmills:

We are going to explain the different types of treadmill differentiated into five large blocks.

Folding treadmills

In the first block we have introduced folding belts , which have an articulated structure to be able to fold on themselves . Very optimal machines for when there are space problems, although sometimes this compromises their robustness.

Among all the folding treadmills, the BH Fitness Nydo Ultra-Foldable Treadmill stands out. This tape is one of the most robust of all the folding tapes on the market. Thanks to its Plug & Run system , it is delivered fully assembled and therefore once unpacked it is ready to use.

BH Nydo treadmill and its specifications and features

Manually powered treadmills

Self-propelled treadmills require a lot of effort for the runner since the running belt enters circulation when the user propels it with their legs when performing the running or walking movement.

These types of treadmills do not consume electricity and have a low carbon footprint since they do not have a motor and work with the energy of the users.

One of them is the Bodytone XTZ treadmill . An elite running machine that enhances the practice of intense training whose users will be impressed by the intense training they can generate with the strength of their two feet .

Specifications and characteristics of the Bodytone XTZ self-propelled treadmill.

Self-lubricated treadmills

Self-lubricating treadmills incorporate an automatic lubrication system that constantly and controlled releases lubricant into the belt, eliminating the need to apply it manually.

By not having to worry about lubrication, these tapes will increase your comfort and save you a lot of time . The Bodytone DT18 Treadmill has the Bodytone Self-Lubricating Belt ® system so that the treadmill mat is always well lubricated, avoiding irreparable damage to the motor.

Specifications and features of the Bodytone DT18 Self-Lubricating Treadmill

Treadmills with incline

Incline treadmills allow you to adjust the angle of inclination of the running surface to simulate the feeling of running uphill.

The Evergy Treadmill H1-NRF/COMP treadmill from Evergy, for example, has an incline level adjustment of up to 15% to carry out a more intense workout.

Specifications and features of the Evergy Treadmill H1-NRF/COMP incline treadmill

Smart Run treadmills

The smart-runs have innovative technology that allows the user to interact with the product and react to the virtual reality scenarios offered by the different applications. They are compatible with some of the most popular training apps and can immerse you in different real-world scenarios while you train. The software saves your training statistics and automatically syncs them to the cloud.

Among all these smart treadmills, Proform's Smart Run treadmills stand out, which include the latest iFit® Coach Ready™ technology , with which you can enjoy virtual training sessions guided by a personal trainer to optimize your training like the Proform PRO treadmill. 9000 .

Specifications and features of the Proform PRO 9000 smartrun treadmill

Engine options

There are two types of motors for treadmills, the well-known direct current , DC, and alternating current , AC motors.

DC motors

They are those that use brushes and a commutator that require more maintenance , the speed is limited and the useful life is reduced , due to the addition of moving and wearing elements.

AC motors

AC motors, on the other hand, are more expensive , but do not use brushes and are a newer and more sophisticated technology . If what you are looking for is not wanting to worry about replacing the motor, it is the best option.

Types of treadmill motors: DC motors vs AC motors

What muscles do we use when running on a treadmill?

The muscles that we use when exercising on the treadmill are numerous, regardless of whether it is running, jogging, or walking. The legs and buttocks are toned by complementing it with training of the arms, back and abdomen.

The muscles that are used directly or indirectly are classified into 3 groups: Upper limbs , including the shoulders, arms and forearms; the trunk and pelvis , incorporating the chest, belly and back; and, in the lower limbs , buttocks, thighs and calves.

The heart is the main muscle that you will work when using the machine since it is directly related to cardiovascular activity. It will help you increase your heart rate, strengthen your physical condition and your resistance. The quadriceps are strengthened with the exercises we perform on the treadmill. The calves act as stabilizers of the body, so they are in continuous work. The hamstrings are toned and strengthened with the treadmill. And finally, the glutes are worked intensely.

Muscles that are activated on a treadmill

Things to consider before buying a treadmill

Frequency of use

The frequency with which you plan to use the treadmill is very important to know what type of machine you should buy, since it has nothing to do with whether its use is 3 hours a week, 10 hours, or more than 20 hours, the same. that if its use is professional instead of amateur. To do this, we have segmented the frequency of use into 3 blocks.

If the use is professional , they are tapes to bring the highest level of training home or for collective use facilities. They are characterized by, for the most part, not being foldable and supporting a minimum of 150 kg, in addition, they are prepared for use of more than 30 hours per week.

If the use is more than 20 hours, we would be talking about semi-professional use. In this case, they can be foldable.

If the use you are going to give it was around 7 to 20 hours , we would be dealing with domestic use, specifically intensive domestic use, where there is the possibility of finding folding treadmills.

Graph of the frequency of use of a treadmill according to the range

Maximum weight

Treadmills have a maximum weight they can support. Generally, they are around 120 kg, but we can also find a maximum user weight of 90 kg or up to 160 kg. It is recommended that there be a margin between the weight of the user and the weight supported by the treadmill.

Maximum user weight on a treadmill

Running zone size

The size is relevant since it will condition our exercise. It must be taken into account that, if you are a person of taller than average height, it is important that it be a larger size as well since the stride, both when running and walking, will be larger. If you are taller than 185 cm , it is important that it is at least 153 cm long.

The use should also be taken into account , since if the use will be for walking, instead of running, it is not necessary for the treadmill to be wider or longer, but in the case of using it for running, it will be an essential aspect. to be able to run comfortably.

In the case of using the treadmill , a surface that is more than 40 cm wide and 125 cm long would be sufficient. On the other hand, if it were for running , it is recommended that it be 55 cm wide and 140 cm long.

We are talking about the length of the running surface, not the total length of the machine!

Running surface size

Integration with Apps

It is proven that the use of applications helps improve performance , because they monitor progress . By having the option to measure your workouts, it is likely that you will improve and that you will also force yourself to train. Likewise, there are numerous Apps that can give you the option of creating a real-time competition with other users or running while watching a popular race recording, which are elements that serve to motivate you even more.

Connectivity and integration of apps on treadmills

Service and maintenance

Although it is true that a treadmill needs maintenance, it is not maintenance that requires multiple actions. On the one hand, it is important to lubricate the tread at least once a month so that it does not wear out before it should. It is advisable to start training at low speeds and with your feet on the axles, not on the running surface.

On the other hand, it is important that the motor does not overheat , this can be done by placing your hand on top of its cover, without any risk. Of course, it will be hot, but it is important that it does not exceed 50 ºC.

Maintenance of a treadmill

The risks of a treadmill

Like practically everything in this life, with practicing sports on the treadmill, there are risks. And, these risks can end in injuries. Above all, these types of injuries are muscular, which will take place through longer recovery times.

Tendonitis in the tibialis anterior . This is due to not placing the tape with the corresponding inclination (between 2 and 4 degrees). The fact of not modifying the inclination, apart from not simulating running outdoors, facilitates the movement of the support foot backwards, thus causing overload and the appearance of said discomfort.

Lumbar and hip problems . It arises as a consequence of running with incorrect technique. When the treadmill is in motion, the leg makes an involuntary backward movement involving the hip, but it should do so with the glutes. This problem causes you to run with your back arched. To solve this risk, one option is to do good abdominal work and pay attention to performing the correct technique.

Back problems . The back becomes overloaded with the vibration created on the treadmill. If you exercise for a long time and do not recover correctly, pain in this area may appear.

Plantar fasciitis. It is caused by the constant repetitions you do with this device. By repeating the same movement for a certain amount of time, the foot can stretch and tear. When the sole of the foot becomes distorted, it is called plantar fasciitis. To recover from this injury, rehabilitation, and in some cases, surgical intervention, is necessary.

Muscle overload. This overload is created by the monotony of running on a treadmill or by using inadequate technique. Because of not having enough variety, muscles can become congested and overworked.

Knee injuries. The knee is a joint that is in constant movement during activity, therefore, injuries such as overuse of the joint can appear. As a consequence, irritation and inflammation may appear.

Risks of a treadmill

4 false myths about running on the treadmill

There are many myths related to indoor running, therefore, we have selected 4 myths to dispel them, since knowing that running indoors is not the same as running outdoors, it does not have to be a bad practice.

Does running on a treadmill require more effort?

No. The truth is that running on a machine involves less muscular effort and, therefore, less energy expenditure. This is because the simple act of moving the foot backwards by the same movement of the tape makes it easier to propel the body forward. In addition, we avoid external agents such as wind resistance, visual distractions or the variety of terrain.

Don't make the mistake of believing that sweating more means trying harder. Do not forget that being in a closed place with limited ventilation can cause an increase in the perception of effort and heart rate.

Also keep in mind that, on a treadmill, you may take shorter strides so you will be taking more strides in less time, and to this, add that it is a constant landscape without visual stimuli, which can also increase the perception we were talking about. before, making the race seem more monotonous and longer.

Does running on a treadmill destroy your joints?

Absolutely. For this, it is important to have good cushioning on the surface of the treadmill we use, since the impact is more aggressive than on surfaces such as dirt or grass, but we must keep in mind that it is less aggressive than the impact of asphalt.

The key here is not to abuse it and to use it consciously. It is advisable to do workouts of between 30 and 45 minutes a day to avoid crushing joints. It is also worth highlighting the importance of wearing good footwear.

Is running outdoors and on a treadmill the same thing?

We agree it's fake, right? Likewise, it is not advisable to replace outdoor training with indoor running. Treadmill training is a very good option as a complement to training. We mentioned previously that the stride is diminished when running on a machine and factors such as footprint or energy cost, but there are also other factors that modify the practice, among them is the movement of the arms, plantar pressure or even the muscles being worked.

Is running on a treadmill the only effective method to lose weight?

In order for you to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Spending a lot of time on the treadmill will make you lose fat, but if you only do cardiovascular exercise, you may lose weight where it is not convenient for you since cardio burns fat but also muscle.

Join our running club with the treadmill that best suits you! Take a look at our treadmills section , filter the products according to your needs and preferences and choose from all the possibilities! And if you are still not clear... Write to us .
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