Todo lo que debes saber sobre las cintas de correr Curvas

Everything you need to know about Curvas treadmills

If you are looking for a more natural running posture along with greater customization and efficient exercise , read on and discover how curved treadmills work , along with their most relevant benefits and features .

If you are tired of conventional training routines and are looking for a unique experience, motorless curved treadmills are the answer. Imagine being able to control the speed and intensity of your run simply by adjusting your stride. These autonomous treadmills offer you the freedom to personalize each exercise session, providing a more interactive workout tailored to your needs .

Man carrying a curved treadmill

How do curved treadmills work?

Curved treadmills differ noticeably from their flat counterparts in their design and operating mechanism . Unlike traditional motor-driven treadmills, curved treadmills are completely self-powered and powered by the user's own power . This innovative design allows for a more natural and personalized workout. The key features of these innovative fitness machines are:

Human Propulsion:

Unlike conventional treadmills that rely on electric motors, curved treadmills operate without any type of motor .

By not relying on a motor, the curved treadmill's momentum and speed comes from and is controlled exclusively by the runner's effort . The faster you run, the faster the treadmill moves.

Curved Surface Design:

The main characteristic and what differentiates this type of tape from the others is its curvature on the running surface . Thanks to it, exercising on this type of treadmill closely imitates the natural way of running, promoting a more ergonomic stride and reducing the impact on the joints.

Adjustable Resistance:

The resistance on a curved treadmill is set by the user based on their pace as it automatically adapts to the user's pace. The faster you run, the higher the resistance , giving you complete control over training intensity, providing a personalized workout.

No Need for Electricity:

Unlike traditional treadmills that require an electrical connection, curved treadmills do not have a motor and do not depend on electricity, making them more sustainable.

Man using a curved treadmill

Benefits and features of curved treadmills

Curved treadmills bring with them different benefits for users who exercise regularly on them, among others:

Greater calorie burning

The fact that these appointments lack a motor drives users to try harder during their workouts. The fact that the resistance of the treadmill changes depending on the pace and intensity of the runner contributes significantly to more efficient calorie burning compared to conventional flat treadmills.

When the user increases their speed on the curved treadmill, the resistance increases proportionally. This increase in resistance creates an additional challenge, meaning the body needs to work harder to keep up . As a result, more energy is required and more calories are burned compared to a flat treadmill, where the resistance is usually constant or manually adjusted.

Less impact on joints

The curve of the tape acts as a kind of shock absorber, absorbing part of the impact generated when running.

The curvature helps make the runner's stride more natural by allowing the foot to roll smoothly from heel to toe. This helps distribute impact more evenly across the foot, reducing stress on the joints and in turn decreasing the risk of injury.

This is particularly beneficial for the knees, hips and ankles.

Improve running technique

By providing an experience closer to running outdoors, these treadmills can be beneficial for runners of all levels , from beginners looking to learn proper technique to more experienced athletes looking to perfect their form.

By replicating the posture of running outdoors, these tapes make it easier for users to maintain a balanced and aligned stride , essential for effective running technique. In addition, the curvature of the treadmill also favors a centered footprint , since users tend to fall naturally in the center of it. This aspect helps correct inefficient or misaligned stepping patterns .

By relying on human power, users become more aware of their running form and technique . This awareness can result in improved posture correction and more focused attention to biomechanics, thus contributing to improved overall technique.

Greater Muscle Activation

The manual propulsion and curved surface encourage greater muscle activation, engaging additional muscle groups and providing a more complete workout.

These tapes demand a more significant effort from the leg and gluteal muscles. Additionally, the curved surface requires constant adjustments to the stride, engaging stabilizing muscle groups and promoting more complete activation. This not only contributes to greater caloric expenditure, but also comprehensively strengthens the body's muscles , offering a more complete and challenging workout .

Greater durability and less maintenance

Durability is an outstanding feature of curved treadmills. As these are self-propelled treadmills that do not have a motor, the possibilities of breakdowns or failures are considerably reduced .

Its basic mechanical design means that this type of tape has a longer useful life. The absence of an electric motor eliminates the possibility of engine-related failures, and by lacking sophisticated electronics, there is less likelihood of technological problems. Additionally, they tend to have a sturdier build and fewer moving parts compared to motorized treadmills.

Compact and autonomous

Perfect for small spaces and without the need for a power outlet . Their compact design makes them ideal for more limited spaces, and since they do not depend on electricity, they are autonomous and can be placed anywhere without worrying about plugs.

Woman training on a crow treadmill

Differences between curved and flat treadmills

Even though they are both treadmills, the differences between curved and flat treadmills are very significant . Although we have already mentioned some of these differences throughout the post, we leave you here this table with the main differences between both:

Curved treadmills

Flat treadmills

Propulsion Type

Self-powered, user-powered. They do not have an electric motor .

Driven by electric motors.

Running Surface

Curved surface that imitates the natural shape.

Flat and straight surface.


Adjustable, automatically adapts according to the rhythm.

It can be adjusted manually using a program .

Burning Calories

Greater user effort, greater burning.

Calorie burn may vary.

Impact on Joints

Less impact due to the curvature of the tape.

It can have a more significant impact on the joints.

Racing Technique

Promotes a more natural stride.

Requires attention to maintain proper technique .

Muscle Activation

Greater activation due to manual propulsion.

Less muscle activation due to electric propulsion.

Durability and Maintenance

Greater durability, less maintenance .

May require more maintenance due to engine.

Space and Connectivity

Compact, autonomous, they do not require a power outlet .

May require space and electrical connection .

Curved Treadmill vs Flat Treadmill

In summary, curved treadmills not only represent an innovative alternative to traditional flat treadmills, but also offer a series of benefits that go further, positioning themselves as a versatile, durable and sustainable option for those looking to carry out their exercise routine. training to the next level.

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