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Training is not only carried out using robust machines, and these need to be complemented by other types of products such as Bodytone accessories, which can be plyometric boxes, medicine balls or elastic tapes.

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Bodytone is a renowned company specialized in fitness equipment and machinery based in Spain.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Bodytone has established itself as a leading brand in the market, offering a wide range of products for fitness and training.

Bodytone accessories cover all sectors of sport, from cardio to strength equipment, so you can choose what best suits your needs.

Bodytone's main characteristics are durability and robustness, so the performance of its products is assured.

Which Bodytone accessories and spare parts are the most useful when practicing sports?

Bodytone is a renowned sports equipment brand that offers a wide
range of accessories and spare parts to complement sports practice. Some of
Bodytone's most useful accessories and spare parts are:

Weights and Dumbbells: Bodytone offers a variety of weights and dumbbells from
different weights and designs. These accessories are ideal for training
strength and help strengthen and tone muscles.

Elastic bands: Resistance bands are versatile accessories that allow
perform a variety of resistance exercises. These bands provide
additional resistance to work different muscle groups and are useful for
strength, flexibility and rehabilitation training.

Medicine Balls: Bodytone medicine balls are accessories used
to improve strength, coordination and balance. They can be used in a variety
of exercises, such as throwing, jumping and twisting exercises.

Mats: Bodytone mats are essential for performing weight training exercises.
floor, such as stretching, yoga, Pilates or abdominal exercises.
comfort and support to protect joints during training.