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At Sportech Fitness we offer you the greatest number of products possible, so that you can buy everything you need from one place, without complications.

Since the birth of our company we have worked with BH Fitness, a Spanish brand whose headquarters are in Vitoría-Gazteiz. Being so close to us, communication with them is very good, so in the event of any problem or incident it is very easy to find a solution.

Find BH Fitness cardio accessories for gyms or home from the best brands

BH is a Spanish company with more than 100 years of history and a great tradition in sports, which has allowed it to establish itself in this highly competitive sector.

BH began with the manufacture of bicycles until 1969 when they began with the manufacture of fitness equipment to reach those who could train without leaving their home, creating BH Fitness. Since then it has become a leading brand in the world of fitness, highlighting above all its cardio accessories. The variety of products it offers stands out, to adapt to the tastes or needs of all audiences.

What are the most popular BH Fitness supplements for cardio exercises?

Currently, the BH Fitness cardio accessories that we offer at Sportech Fitness are focused on improving the performance that you can get from a cardio machine such as Spinning bikes or treadmills.

We have the BH Dual Kit bluetooth modules so you can transform your conventional fitness equipment into one with connectivity with its i.Concept technology and also with supports for mobile phones or tablets, lubricants for your treadmill and even floor protectors so that Don't damage the floor of your house during your training.

The latter, both floor protectors and lubricants, are the most in demand by customers as they contribute to an improvement in the training experience, minimizing damage to both the equipment itself and the home.