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Welcome to Sportech Fitness, an online store specialized in the fitness sector, where you will find a wide variety of bodybuilding accessories to complement your gym training or to do it at home.

Find everything you need to exercise your bodybuilding comfortably in the gym or at home

Bodybuilding accessories are perfect for strength training at home to be on par with that of the best gym. From accessories for weight machines to stops for bars and plates, thanks to our variety of products you will be able to elevate your training to the highest level and work all the muscle groups of the body efficiently.

At Sportech Fitness we only have materials of the best quality and brands, and therefore many of our bodybuilding accessories can also be used in gyms and other specialized fitness centers. Don't wait any longer and take your bodybuilding to the next level with us.

What are the most popular bodybuilding accessories?

There are many bodybuilding accessories that are in great demand, such as:

- Stoppers for plates and Olympic bars: these closures are responsible for ensuring that the plates remain in place while performing exercises with the Olympic bars. They are especially important when performing sudden movements and exercises such as the bench press or squats.

- Accessories for machines: there are several accessories compatible with some weight machines that will help you improve the effectiveness of the training and provide variety in the exercises.

- Grips: also called handles, they are accessories used in bodybuilding to provide different grip options and vary the way an exercise is performed. These accessories can be used with machines such as rows, bars or weight machine cables.