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Air Bike what is it

Air Bikes are the new fashionable fitness equipment. These devices, whose popularity has grown thanks to the Crossfit Box, combine pedaling with mobile handlebars as if it were an elliptical.

These bicycles do not have a flywheel and the resistance is generated through the air , the faster you pedal or move your arms, the greater the resistance you experience.

Its key components include foot pedals, movable handlebars that allow you to work your upper body, and a resistance adjustment system to control the intensity of the exercise. This versatility makes the Air Bike an integral tool for cardiovascular and strength training .

Air Bike what is it for

The versatility of air bikes makes them an ideal choice for all types of exercise routines. By completely working both the lower and upper body thanks to its movable handlebar, it is the perfect machine whatever your goal is, from burning calories to improving cardiovascular endurance or strengthening legs, arms and abdomen.

Since it is the user who sets the resistance based on pace and speed, air bikes are suitable for both the most experienced users and those who are just starting out in the world of fitness in general or CrossFit in particular.

What muscles are worked the most on Air Bike?

As we have already mentioned, air bikes work a multitude of muscles in both the lower and upper parts of the body, but what are those muscles?

If we talk about the lower body, the most worked muscles are:

  • Quadriceps : The front muscles of the thighs are activated by pushing down on the pedals.
  • Hamstrings : Contract when pulling up on the pedals during the pedaling cycle.
  • Glutes : They contribute to the upward movement of pedaling, especially in the pushing phase.

Regarding the upper part of the body, the following stand out:

  • Arms : Arm muscles, including biceps and triceps, are activated by moving the handlebars.
  • Shoulders and back : Arm movement and shoulder rotation work these muscle groups, especially when increasing speed or resistance.
  • Abdominals : The abdominal muscles remain engaged to stabilize the body during exercise and maintain proper posture.

In addition, exercise on the Air Bike involves the cardiovascular system , improving resistance and lung capacity.

How to use Air Bike

Although using an air bike is simple, good technique will maximize all its benefits.

The first thing of all is to adjust the seat well . To do this, stand next to the saddle and raise the height until it is just at the height of your hips so that your legs are slightly bent when you pedal. Firmly grip the handlebars and place your feet on the pedals.

Once you are well positioned on the bicycle, with your back straight , start pedaling while moving your arms.

Air Bike crossfit

If a discipline uses Air bikes, it is Crossfit . This machine has become an essential tool in Crossfit training thanks to its ability to offer a full-body workout in short intervals of time.

High-intensity training on the Air Bike can increase endurance, improve anaerobic capacity and enhance overall performance in the functional exercises characteristic of Crossfit.

Air Bike benefits

The benefits of incorporating an Air Bike into your exercise routine are diverse. From improving cardiovascular health to burning calories efficiently, this equipment offers significant advantages such as:

  • Comprehensive muscle strengthening
  • Increased resistance
  • Offers a low impact workout
  • The possibility of high intensity training to burn fat easily and simply
  • They easily adapt to users of all fitness levels .