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At Sportech Fitness we not only sell treadmills or multi-stations, we also offer simpler but no less important products, Bodytone medicine balls for example, which will help you work on your strength and core.

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Bodytone, based in Spain and constantly expanding at a European and global level in recent years, offers a wide variety of weights and sizes in medicine balls so that you can choose the most suitable product.

Bodytone medicine balls will help you train your explosive strength in a fun and simple way, and with a product with high quality finishes and great durability that will make you not regret your purchase.

What types of exercises are recommended with a Bodytone medicine ball?

The medicine ball allows us to combine several exercises in the same workout, but above all we will work on the core and muscle strength.

These are the most common exercises to perform with a medicine ball:

Throw Squat: Hold the medicine ball in front of your chest. Perform a deep squat and when you stand up, throw the ball up as high as possible.

Push-ups with a ball: Place the ball on the floor and place your hands on it in a push-up position. Perform push-ups while balancing on the ball.

Squat with rotation: Hold the ball with both hands in front of your chest. Perform a squat and when you stand up, turn your torso to one side. Lower yourself back into a squat and twist to the other side.

Wall throws: Face a wall with the ball in one hand. Throw the ball hard against the wall and catch it with your other hand as it bounces.