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The objective of Sportech Fitness has always been to satisfy all the customer's needs from the first contact to the after-sales service, responding to any questions or needs for repair or replacement of any part or the replacement of the machine in case of major breakdown.

Bodytone elastic bands and rubber bands will allow us to perform several exercises without having to use a more robust machine, or we can complement some exercise with these great machines. Another advantage of bands and rubber bands is that they are easily transportable and you can take them anywhere without costing you anything.

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Bodytone is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of fitness and bodybuilding equipment. Its headquarters are located in Spain and was founded in 1996.

Over the years, Bodytone has experienced significant growth and has become an internationally recognized brand.

Bodytone's headquarters are located in Alicante and operations and the development of new products are managed from there.

The company stands out for its commitment to innovation, quality and functional design in all its fitness and bodybuilding equipment.

Bodytone elastic bands and rubber bands allow us to perform core or HIIT exercises, at the intensity that each one wants, and thanks to their high quality you will not have to be afraid of them breaking.

What are the best exercises I can do with bands like Bodytone?

Elastic bands, like those from Bodytone, are an excellent tool for
exercise the whole body. Here are some of the best exercises you can do
with these bands:

Banded squats: Place the band around your thighs, just above
of the knees.

Spread your feet hip-width apart and perform a squat, maintaining tension on the band.

This will help strengthen the muscles in your legs and glutes.

Banded chest press: Anchor the band to a fixed point behind you, at the height of the

Grab the handles of the band and walk forward to create tension in the

This exercise works the muscles of the chest and arms.

Band Row: Attach the band to a fixed point, such as a door or post. Grab the
band handles and back up to create tension.

Keeping your back straight, pull your hands toward you, bending your elbows and bringing your shoulder blades together. This exercise works the muscles of the back and arms.