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Bars and discs are very important in the world of fitness.

Since weightlifting is an Olympic sport, it is essential to have the correct material, and at Sportech Fitness we have it.

We offer Bodytone Olympic bars and plates so that your strength training takes place in the best possible conditions.

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At Bodytone they have always given great importance to strength work and that is why they have a wide variety of bars and discs for all types of user profiles, from the least demanding to those who need a professional product.

The Bodytone bars and discs have the measurements required by the different competitions in both weightlifting and powerlifting and it is very important to have them for daily training, since if they are not regulated bars on the day of the competition the weight will not be the same. to lift and that can lead to a bad play.

What weights are the discs and bars that Bodytone sells?

Bodytone offers weights and plates of different weights so that people of all levels can train strength.

The weights of Bodytone discs range from one kilo to 20 kilos.