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At Sportech Fitness there are more and more of us, and that is nothing more than because of the work we have been doing in recent years.

We are a company that always thinks about the customer, we are there to resolve any questions before purchasing, but we are also there to resolve any incident once the product has been sold.
It seems very important to us not to leave the client "hanging" and we try to provide all the facilities to solve any problem.

That's why we have all types of BH Fitness stationary bikes, from the simplest ones, to folding stationary bikes, to those with connectivity.

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BH Fitness is a company that has always been closely linked to the world of cycling.

With more than 100 years of history, it has a professional cycling team and supports several of the most important national athletes, so its public image is very positive.

BH Fitness stationary bikes are known in the fitness sector for their high quality of materials and robustness and the high competitiveness of their prices compared to other brands.

This is not in vain, and if there is one thing that BH Fitness stands out for, it is the proximity and the high quality products they have in their catalogue.

Why are BH Fitness professional exercise bikes a reference in the market?

BH Fitness stationary bikes stand out for several differentiating features that distinguish them from other models on the market.

Here are some of the notable features: Ergonomic design: BH Fitness exercise bikes are designed with user comfort in mind. They have seats that are adjustable both in height and horizontal position, allowing you to find the right position for each individual.

Resistance Systems: BH Fitness offers a variety of resistance systems on their exercise bikes. They may include magnetic resistance, electromagnetic resistance or combined systems.

Consoles and training programs: BH Fitness exercise bikes are often equipped with training consoles that offer a variety of functions. These consoles can include LCD or LED screens.

Connectivity and entertainment: Some models of BH Fitness exercise bikes offer connectivity with mobile devices and fitness applications. This allows users to connect their devices to access additional training programs, follow virtual routes or track their progress through specific applications.