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At Sportech Fitness we like to think about the customer from the beginning of the purchasing process to any incident that may occur after the sale.

Recumbent bicycles are devices that do not usually cause problems, but it never hurts to know that if anything happens, the seller will be there.

For incidents we have assistance teams in all the provinces of the peninsula, and with just one call we will manage everything necessary to get the machine ready again.

Bodytone recumbent bicycles are an ideal option for those people with mobility problems who want to exercise without putting their health at risk, due to their accessibility.

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Bodytone recumbent bikes feature padded and adjustable seats, ergonomic backrests and armrests, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and correct posture during your training sessions.

Plus, its reclining seat design allows you to exercise your legs and strengthen your cardiovascular muscles without putting stress on your joints.

These recumbent bikes typically include performance monitors with LCD screens, allowing you to monitor your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and other important metrics.

Additionally, many models offer resistance adjustments so you can customize your training level.

What type of users are Bodytone backrest bikes perfect for?

Recumbent bikes are ideal for different types of people and situations. Here are some cases where recumbent bikes are especially beneficial:

People with back problems: Recumbent bikes provide ergonomic support for the back, as the user is in a semi-reclined position and the backrest offers good lumbar support. This reduces stress on the spine and may be more comfortable for those who have back problems or upper body injuries.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy: Recumbent bikes are widely used in rehabilitation and physical therapy programs. The reclined position and low-impact design help minimize stress on joints and muscles, making them a safe and effective option for people recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Seniors: Recumbent bikes offer a low-impact exercise option for seniors. The reclining position reduces stress on joints and muscles, which is especially beneficial for those with mobility issues or joint sensitivity. Additionally, recumbent bikes typically have easier and safer access compared to standard bikes, making them suitable for seniors with physical limitations.

People in the process of losing weight: Recumbent bikes offer an effective way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular endurance.