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Functional training is another of the keys to training, and should be basic in any routine.

For this, the Bodytone plyometric boxes perform a very important function, since they are used to perform various exercises.

At Sportech Fitness we have a wide catalog of boxes so that you can choose the most suitable box according to their dimensions and volume.

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Bodytone is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of fitness and bodybuilding equipment.

Its headquarters are located in Spain and was founded in 1996.

Over the years, Bodytone has experienced significant growth and has become an internationally recognized brand.

Its plyometric boxes will allow us to perform core and explosive strength exercises that a larger machine will not allow us to do, plus thanks to its small size we will save a lot of space at home or in the gym.

What activities do Bodytone plyometric boxes allow me to do?

As we have said before, drawers are a very versatile tool for working on power and strength exercises.

The following exercises are the most performed with plyometric boxes:

Box jumps: You can perform explosive jumps to get up and down the box. Start with a comfortable height and gradually increase the height as you feel more comfortable and confident.

Step-ups: Place one foot on top of the box and push through the heel to step up. Slowly lower yourself down and repeat the movement with the other leg. This exercise works the muscles of the legs and glutes.

Box jumps: Stand in front of the box, bend your knees and jump explosively, bringing your knees towards your chest, and land with both feet on the top of the box. Then, get off the box in a controlled manner.

Step-downs: Place one foot on top of the box and slowly lower yourself until your foot in the air touches the ground. Repeat the movement with the other leg. This exercise works the eccentric strength of the legs and helps improve movement control.