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At Sportech Fitness we have a wide range of BH Fitness spinning bikes for all types of users, both for the less demanding who want to exercise a few times a week at home, to the professional range to use in gyms or for athletes. high performance that need a machine to be able to train when the weather does not allow it to be done outdoors.

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BH Fitness is a recognized industry-leading brand of fitness and cardio equipment. Founded in 1909, BH Fitness has more than 100 years of experience designing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality exercise equipment for homes, gyms and fitness centers.

At BH Fitness, indoor bicycles have always been one of its points
strong, for their dedication and union with the world of bicycles and they have
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What makes BH professional spinning bikes the best on the market?

There are several reasons why BH Fitness spinning bikes can be said to be the best on the market, but the ones with the most weight are the following:

Quality Design and Construction: BH Fitness indoor cycle bikes are often recognized for their solid and durable construction. They are made with high quality materials that guarantee their resistance and stability during intense workouts.

Adjustments and customization: BH Fitness indoor cycling bikes typically offer a wide range of adjustments that allow users to personalize their training experience. This includes the ability to adjust the saddle and handlebars for height and distance, providing a comfortable and ergonomic riding position.

Consoles and monitoring: BH Fitness indoor cycle bikes are typically equipped with consoles that provide real-time information on the user's performance during training. This includes data such as speed, distance traveled, calories burned and heart rate. Some models even offer the possibility of connectivity with mobile devices and fitness applications.

Realistic riding experience: BH Fitness has sought to create a realistic riding experience on its indoor cycle bikes. Some models feature high-quality flywheels that mimic the feeling of pedaling on a real road bike.