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Self-lubricated treadmills, what are they?

Self-lubricated treadmills are a great advance in the fitness world because the maintenance required is minimal compared to traditional treadmills.

Unlike traditional treadmills, this type of treadmill eliminates the need to manually apply lubricant every 20 or 30 hours of use, since it incorporates a lubrication system that automatically releases lubricant as it is used. the tape, ensuring smooth operation of the device and prolonging its useful life.

Lubrication on treadmills is essential to ensure proper operation and that the belt does not wear due to friction with the running platform. It will also help avoid possible breakdowns in both the treadmill motor and the electrical equipment.

Self-lubricated treadmills, how do they work?

These belts incorporate innovative lubrication systems composed, for the most part, of a lubricant reservoir , a lubrication tube and a type of sprinklers placed across the width of the racing platform .

The user only has to worry about always having the tank with a sufficient amount of lubricant (above the minimum), and it is the tape itself that is responsible for releasing a certain amount of lubricant with each use, which passes through the tube. of lubrication and coming out through the exit holes towards the belt.

Thanks to this circuit, the lubricant spreads evenly across the entire surface of the belt, correctly lubricating the treadmill.

How do you know when you have to fill the lubricant tank of a treadmill?

Don't worry, since these tapes usually incorporate a system that notifies you when the lubricant is at its minimum , just like a car with the gasoline level, so that the tape never runs out of lubrication.

Advantages of self-lubricated treadmills

The advantages of not having to worry about lubricating your treadmill are many:

  • More convenience : You will no longer be counting the hours of use you have been using to control when will be the next time you have to lubricate the belt manually. Since it lubricates itself, you won't have to do anything more than fill the tank when it's at its minimum.
  • Save time : As a result, you won't have to waste time lubricating the tape, you just have to worry about training.
  • They are easier to use than conventional treadmills.
  • The maintenance of this type of treadmills is minimal .
  • Since the belt releases lubricant between the belt and the platform with each use, the wear of the belt is very less and less wear means less noise during use.