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Self-lubricated treadmills reduce headaches for users, and at Sportech Fitness we really like that, which is why we have a wide range of Bodytone self-lubricated treadmills so that you don't have to worry about anything else other than train.

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Bodytone self-lubricating tapes are equipped with self-lubrication systems, which means that you will not have to worry about applying oil regularly, as the system is responsible for keeping the tape properly lubricated. This facilitates maintenance and prolongs the life of the belt, preventing premature wear and ensuring optimal operation.

Who are self-lubricating tapes like those from Bodytone intended for?

Self-lubricating treadmills are specifically designed to facilitate maintenance and lubrication of the machine's running surface automatically.

These belts have an integrated lubrication system that applies lubricant regularly and evenly to the belt belt without the need to perform this process manually.

The lubricant applied by the self-lubricating system helps reduce friction between the belt and the belt deck , which in turn decreases wear and extends the life of the machine.

Additionally, regular use of the right lubricant can contribute to smooth, quiet gliding and reduce noise and vibrations during exercise.