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Folding treadmills

      59 products

      59 products

      Folding treadmills for home

      At Sportech Fitness, we understand the importance of staying active and healthy without compromising your living space . Our range of folding treadmills offer the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and performance for your home.

      Folding treadmills not only fold to fit your space needs, but also offer optimal performance for your daily training sessions. These innovative models adjust perfectly to your pace and space , so you can find the ideal companion for every exercise session.

      • Ingenious Design, Lasting Results: Made with high quality materials , our folding treadmills guarantee stability and resistance during each workout. Its compact and robust design adapts to your needs without compromising durability.
      • Practicality at its Finest: With an intelligent folding system, our treadmills are stored easily and efficiently , freeing up your space when you are not in training mode. Ease of storage meets excellence in performance.
      • Variability in programs and speeds: From beginner programs to challenges for experienced athletes, our models offer a wide range of training programs and adjustable speeds . Designed to adapt to your fitness goals, each session becomes one more step towards your best version.

      Which folding treadmill to buy

      Whether you are looking to maintain your daily activity level, train for a race or simply enjoy a relaxing walk, at Sportech Fitness you can buy the perfect folding treadmill for you.

      Choosing the ideal tape can be quite a challenge. Read on and find out what to consider when purchasing a folding treadmill . From technical characteristics to size and durability, we offer you key information to make the best decision and find the perfect tape that fits your fitness lifestyle.

      • Space and Portability: Folded and unfolded dimensions are crucial. Do you need a tape that fits into a small space? Or are you looking for one that you can easily move from room to room? In most of our product sheets you can find information about the size of the belts once folded or whether they have wheels for transport or not.
      • Training Features: From top speed to incline to preset programs, each model has different features. What level of training are you looking for? Select the maximum speed you want your treadmill to reach thanks to our filters and find the one that best suits you based on the programs, intensities and other functionalities.
      • Construction and Durability: The quality of the materials and durability are essential for a long-term investment. What level of robustness and quality are you looking for?

      Professional folding treadmill

      As with conventional treadmills, there are different ranges of folding treadmills depending on the hours of weekly use dedicated to training.

      Within this collection you can find folding treadmills for professionals designed for intense use, more than 30 hours a week; semi-professional folding tapes if the weekly hours of use are between 8:30 p.m.; and those from the home range for those people who use their treadmill for less than 20 hours during a week.

      Professional folding treadmills are designed for gyms, training centers and even hotels, in short places with a large flow of people who use the device a lot. That is why they tend to be more robust machines, with firmer structures than those in lower ranges, since they are designed to withstand great activity during their useful life.

      Folding treadmill with incline

      Foldability does not mean leaving aside other functionalities such as tilting. In our catalog you can find folding treadmills that also have inclination , connectivity or even are smart .

      We have more than 50 folding treadmills with incline from brands such as BH Fitness, Bodytone, Proform or Evergy so you can choose the one that best suits your training. Use the filters and find the folding treadmill with all the features you are looking for.

      In addition to saving space, with folding treadmills with incline you can increase the intensity of your training and the burning of calories, making them ideal for those looking to lose weight or improve their physical condition. The incline also simulates different terrain, which challenges and works specific muscles such as the quadriceps, glutes, calves and lower back muscles, offering a more complete workout.

      The possibility of adjusting the inclination makes these tapes useful for both beginners and advanced athletes , as they can be adapted to different levels of resistance and capacity, in addition to providing variety in the exercise , avoiding monotony and motivating the user to continue. training.

      Foldable treadmill that takes up little space

      Although all folding treadmills take up little space, if we are looking for a treadmill that really takes up little space when folded, above all we have to take into account one fundamental aspect: the size of the folded treadmill .

      Most folding treadmills have a folding system that allows you to lift the running deck upwards towards the console.

      These tapes can be stored both vertically and horizontally , so they can be easily stored in small spaces such as closets, under beds or sofas or even behind a door.

      Some folding treadmills have an ultra-slim design like the Nydo treadmill from BH Fitness that further reduces its size when folded, making it ideal for small apartments or limited spaces. Manufacturers often strive to develop folding systems that minimize the space required. This may include mechanisms that ensure that the tape folds neatly and compactly.