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Professional treadmills for gyms

The professional range of treadmills is designed for those places with a high flow of people such as gyms, boxing centers, training centers or medical centers, hotels and other professional centers that may require the use of a treadmill.

Professional treadmills stand out for their great robustness and stability since they are designed to withstand a frequency of use greater than 40 hours per week. Manufactured to withstand the most intense training sessions, this range of tapes is characterized by the extreme durability of the equipment and the ability to consistently perform at a professional level.

These professional treadmills are also characterized by different advanced technology cushioning systems , on top of which the sensation of treading will be more comfortable and soft, reducing the impact on the joints.

Professional treadmills for home

Although these treadmills are designed for professional use, many individuals decide to buy this type of treadmills to train at home.

The high quality and professional performance of professional treadmills offer a gym experience without leaving home . From foldable options to models with advanced connectivity, our professional treadmills offer maximum comfort and performance for your daily at-home workout routine.