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At Sportech Fitness we like to be up to date in technology and that is why we have BH Fitness smart machines, so that while you exercise you can entertain yourself by watching television or connected to the internet, or you want to compete in the virtual world with other athletes without having to leave home.

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BH Fitness has been investing in technology for years and the result of this investment is the smart machines they have, top-level products with all the latest advances and the best possible specifications to offer you the best machines on the market.

Smart machines can be both for home use and professional use, depending on the level and requirements of each client.

BH Fitness stands out in this section and also in the extensive connectivity options they have, allowing you to connect to almost all virtual applications and face other athletes from around the world.

What characterizes smart machines and why choose those from BH Fitness?

Smart machines, also known as smart fitness machines, are
training equipment that incorporates advanced technology to provide a
more interactive and personalized exercise experience. here are some
Featured features of Smart machines:

Connectivity and applications: SMART machines are designed to connect
to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, via Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies. This allows access to fitness applications
and online training platforms, where you can find training programs
personalized training, progress tracking, exercise guides and
virtual competitions.

Personalized training programs: SMART machines typically offer
a variety of pre-set training programs designed for different
specific fitness levels and goals. These programs are adapted to the
individual preferences and needs, and may include interval training,
endurance, weight loss, muscle strength and more.

Social interaction and virtual competitions: SMART machines offer the
possibility to participate in online communities, where users can compete
with friends, family or people from all over the world.