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At Sportech Fitness we know the importance of technology and being up to date, which is why we offer a wide variety of BH Fitness smartbikes, so you can immerse yourself in the virtual world and tour the different geographies of the planet from home.

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BH is a Spanish company based in Vitoria-Gasteiz with more than 100
years of history and a great tradition for sport, which has earned it
establish yourself in this highly competitive sector.

BH Fitness is a brand
reference in the world of fitness, but above all, in the section of
cardio. The variety of products it offers stands out, to adapt to the
tastes or needs of all audiences.

BH Fitness smartbikes allow you to have the connectivity that conventional bicycles do not give you, maintaining robustness and giving you the possibility of being able to face cyclists from all over the planet in a virtual world in which the slopes will make you get out of the saddle every two for three.

What main features do BH smart bikes have?

SmartBike bicycles are a category of bicycles that incorporate features
and smart technology to provide an enhanced training experience. Are
These are some of the main features of Smartbikes:

Connectivity and applications: SmartBike bicycles are designed to
connect to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, via
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies. This allows access to applications
fitness and online training platforms, where you can find

personalized training programs, progress tracking, virtual classes
and challenges.

Interactive screen: SmartBike bicycles are equipped with screens
interactive that provide real-time information about training, such as
distance traveled, speed, cadence, heart rate and calories

Training programs and virtual routes: SmartBike bicycles usually
offer a variety of pre-set training programs and virtual routes.
These programs allow you to simulate different terrains and challenges, which provides a
more immersive and varied cycling experience.

Social interaction and virtual competitions: SmartBike bicycles allow
connect with other people through online communities, where users
They can compete, share their progress and participate in virtual challenges. This encourages
motivation, support and a sense of community in training.