What maintenance does an elliptical require?

It is important to perform regular maintenance on your elliptical to prolong its useful life:

  • Monthly it should be checked that the screws of the elliptical have not loosened with use. If so, they must be retightened.
  • Each six monthsIt is recommended to grease the joints of the elliptical to ensure a smooth, fluid and silent movement.
  • Both the lack of lubrication and the excess of it are detrimental to the correct maintenance of the elliptical bike, so it is recommended to carry out this procedure following the manufacturer's instructions and using only the necessary amount of spray.
  • It must be placed in a level surfaceso that it is balanced. It is recommended to place a floor protector Both to avoid damaging the surface and to decrease noise and prolong the life of the elliptical trainer.
  • After each workout use a soft, clean clothalong with a non-abrasive liquid cleaner to clean any traces of sweat that may have remained on the arms, pulse sensors, cover or console.