What maintenance do indoor cycling bikes need?

for a good performance and function of the machine is necessary:

  • Lubricate the moving parts of the bicycle (pedal nut, bearings, chain if it has one...), at least once a month, as it will help reduce the possible appearance of noises such as screeching, it also contributes to reducing friction , which will make the parts last longer and work better.
  • Check that the screws They have not loosened due to use and if they have, they must be retightened, since a loose screw can cause the bicycle to rock and become unstable.

for a correct caution:

  • you shall clean up the handlebars, monitor, frame and flywheel of the indoor cycling bike with a clean, dry cloth, without corrosive detergents. In this way you will avoid possible corrosion over time.
  • It's advisable install a floor protectorunder the indoor cycling bike to provide a more stable and level base, thereby increasing the life of your machine. In addition, it will also serve to protect the floor of your house, preventing sweat, grease or dust from falling on it.