What are the hours of use of the machines?


The hours of use of the machines is one of the keys when choosing between different options.

There are different levels of use, which are compared by the hours of use that we are going to give the fitness machine on a weekly basis.

  • Regular use (private use at home): Up to 7 hours per week
  • Intensive use (private use at home): between 7 and 20 hours
  • Semi-professional use: More than 20 hours of use
  • Professional use: No usability restrictions

When we talk about hours of use per week, it is an indicative average, if we take a machine for regular use and if we use it for 11 hours in a week, the machine is not going to break, but we have to be aware that the average should not exceed these 7/8 hours, since the finishes of the machine, motors, parts... are prepared for those hours of use.